Coach Quotes, Practice Notes

The team didn't appear to have a good practice on either side of the ball, but Johnathan Franklin looks to have gotten an extra step...

Despite Rick Neuheisel saying it was a good practice Monday, it didn't appear to be one.

Kevin Prince didn't look sharp, throwing a number of interceptions in many different periods. A couple of them were underthrown, one was on a slant to Joe Fauria in redzone in which he simply didn't see safety Stan McKay there and in position to step in front, and another was in 2-minute when, on a flat route, Andrew Abbott jumped the route.

Perhaps even more disappointing was, in the two-minute drill, after driving the offense down within field goal range, Prince took a sack.

Prince looked the best in 11-on-11 when he scrambled for a legit 50-yard touchdown.

Brett Hundley got a good number of reps, and it looked to be about even with Prince until the last couple of team periods.

On a positive note, tailback Johnathan Franklin looked the best he has in a while, with seemingly more explosiveness. Perhaps the little injuries had been truly hampering him the last few weeks.

Neuheisel did have some pretty humorous comments tonight. When Nelson Rosario caught a touchdown pass one-handed, the coach said, "I prefer two hands, but that's just me." When Fauria went flying into the bleachers at Spaulding Field and sat down for a second while he recovered, Neuheisel said, "Sitting down on the job."

On the offensive line, it appears that Albert Cid and Chris Ward are alternating at guard.

The defense didn't appear to have a better night going against the scout team offense. With walk-on Christoph Bono standing in as Arizona's Nick Foles, and Ricky Marvray and Devin Lucien helping out as two of the Arizona receivers, the scout team offense put up a number of touchdowns on the defense. Back-up quarterback Darius Bell even caught a touchdown pass on Dietrich Riley.

Kicker Tyler Gonzalez hit 4 of 5 in the first special teams period, missing on a 50-yarder. Then he hit a 46-yarder to finish the two-minute at the end of practice.

With the bye, a number of the injured have returned to practice. Cornerback Sheldon Price is wearing a brace on his knee, but he practiced with the 1s in team. Tony Dye and Alex Mascarenas were in street clothes and are very doubtful at this point. Anthony Jefferson is practicing in a red jersey

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