Practice Notes, Neuheisel Quotes

It was a lackadaisical day out on Spaulding, but the offense and defense looked better. Rick Neuheisel talks about Arizona after practice.

It seemed like a really lax day at practice. Quarterbacks and offensive linemen spent the last 20 minutes of practice during special teams periods having an informal throwing contest from 30 yards out, trying to hit the crossbar of the uprights. It was really kind of bizarre. For what it's worth, Alberto Cid's got a pretty decent arm.

Players were in shells, it being the typical Thursday-type practice. Anthony Jefferson was still in red, but actually did a little bit of work today, participating in the one on one's against receivers. Chris Ward and Cid spent most of practice alternating with the 1's on offense.

In the field goal period at the beginning of practice, Tyler Gonzalez hit 4 of 6 field goals, missing a 35 yard attempt just to the right and also hitting a 50 yard field goal wide right. Jeff Locke took an attempt form 50+ (looked about 53) that he nailed.

Joe Tresey was extremely vocal today, getting in Brandon Sermons' ear a couple of times about his positioning. In general, the defense had a better day than yesterday in scout periods, with Andrew Abbott a standout, making three nice interceptions. Eric Kendricks also had a nice interception. Devin Lucien again just looks like a beast in scout periods, catching most everything thrown his way and running nice routes.

Kevin Prince and Brett Hundley once again mostly split the reps during scout, with Prince looking decent with his deep throws, hitting both Josh Smith and Randall Carroll on deep bombs.

In the red zone 7 on 7, the secondary looked very good. Prince took all of the reps at quarterback, and completed 7 of 8 passes, but at least three of those probably would have been coverage sacks. On his first three passes he had to check down to the running back. He did throw one bad pick to Stan McKay in the end zone after staring down Nelson Rosario, but other than that, he made pretty good decisions.

In the 2 minute drill, Prince again was forced to check down quite a bit, but drove the offense down field nicely with short throws after check downs. Johnathan Franklin caught three passes, with Ricky Marvray and Shaq Evans both contributing a catch. Nelson Rosario was the one lowlight, not showing a great effort going after the ball on a Prince overthrow. Gonzalez banged home the field goal from 24 yards. Prince took all of the 2 minute reps.

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