Larimore, Marvray Post-Game

Linebacker Patrick Larimore and receiver Ricky Marvray commented from the locker room after the loss at Arizona...

Ricky Marvray post-game thoughts

On Arizona's play:

"They were just the better team all night. They didn't do anything special, they didn't do any trick plays, they just played a hell of a game. We just need to get in the film room and the practice field and figure out what we have to fix."

On the fight:

"That was just a result of tempers flaring. We don't want to represent ourselves as a program that way. They were just the better team and they showed it, and they played harder."

On the start of the game:

"We started off very slow, we can't have our defense on the field all day, we need to help them out and put some points on the board. This won't make or break our season. We just can't give up. I know I'm not giving up for sure."

Patrick Larimore post-game

On potential strategic changes as a result of this game:

"I think the outcome of the game was on all of us; I don't think that there will be any huge change, I just think we need to move forward, get focused, and get ready for the upcoming Cal game."

General thoughts:

"I don't think the loss occurred because the players lost steam. There really isn't even anything specific I can say about our play except that we need to step it up across the board, pay attention to the tapes this week, and play better against Cal."

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