Practice Notes, Neuheisel Quotes

The team has a good session, because of the suspensions the receiver rotation is getting worked out with some injured returning, and Neuheisel talks about Cal's receiver duo...

As practices go, it was a better-than-average session.

Kevin Prince, for the most part, was sharp, looking particularly good throwing while rolling out. In the 2-minute at the end of pratice he moved the offense down the field with precise throws, to set up Tyler Gonzalez for a 31-yarder, which he made.

With so many receivers out because of suspension, Jerry Johnson is now back and preparing to play Saturday. He looked good Wednesday, seemingly not affected by still having a metal plate and nine screws in his ankle.

Anthony Barr also practiced, mostly as a slot receiver, and also didn't look hindered physically. He participated in all of indvidual drills and very limited team work.

The receiver rotation is Nelson Rosario, Jerry Rice, Josh Smith, Johnson and Barr.

Johnson and Smith, however, did drop two consecutive passes toward the end of practice.

Joseph Fauria got a lot of work, catching a couple of touchdown passes in the red zone period, and making a nice catch along the sideline.

Wade Yandall was running with the first string at offensive guard since Albert Cid is suspended for the first half of the Cal game. Cid was working with the 2s.

Chris Ward wasn't dressed.

The defensive coaches are trying out some new wrinkles, at least in practice. Stan McKay was getting quite a bit of work with the 1s because of it, while Dietrich Riley was being utilized in the box more.

Andrew Abbott had a very good practice, with an interception and good coverage throughout, being used as the nickel back primarily.

Sheldon Price was working with the first string, but he still looked a bit hampered by the knee injury.

Aaron Hester had a big hit on a scout team receiver, which illicited some hoots.

With Taylor Embree out, Jordon James has moved into the role of punt returner, with Abbott backing him up.

Tyler Gonzalez at the beginning of practice hit three of three field goals, including a 52-yarder.

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