Thursday Notes, Neuheisel Quotes

The defense played well during Thursday's practice, Stan McKay looked good with the 1's, and Neuheisel talks about Cal after the practice...

Kevin Prince had a fairly nice day in the 7 on 7, but had a tough time finding open receivers during the 2 minute period. His first two plays would have been sacks, with Aramide Olaniyan and Damien Holmes both getting free shots up the middle. Generally speaking, the defense didn't look bad, providing decent pressure on Prince and forcing him to run for minimal gain a couple of times. Still, Prince had a nice pass to Jerry Rice Jr. down the middle that probably would have gone for a touchdown, and then Tyler Gonzales banged home a 40 yarder field goal to finish the period.

Brett Hundley had a little bit of work in scout periods, but it seemed like Prince was getting the vast majority of the reps as the team gets geared up for Saturday.

Tevin McDonald had a nice interception during scout periods, doing a little Eric McNeal pirouette to snag a tipped pass. The fact that Shaq Evans, Taylor Embree and Ricky Marvray are playing in scout looks to be bringing out the best in the defensive backs, with some nice competition between Andrew Abbott and Evans on a couple of plays. Evans appeared to get the best of it today, catching one really nice pass over Abbott in the corner of the end zone.

Stan McKay spent a lot of time with the 1's at safety, with Dietrich Riley playing with the 2's. Riley once again was playing a fair bit up in the box.

Offensively, it was a bit scary that Jerry Johnson didn't participate in scout periods or the 2 minute offense at the end of practice. He spent most of the last hour of practice standing on the sidelines and playing catch without doing much leg movement. He looked like he might have a slight limp. For what it's worth, Nelson Rosario also sat out the 2 minute drill, with no apparent injury. Neuheisel says in the post practice interview that he sat some guys strictly to get them some rest.

In their stead, Devin Lucien played the entire two minute period, but didn't get any balls thrown his way.

Chris Ward once again sat out practice and likely won't be playing on Saturday, leaving Wade Yandall and Greg Capella as the starting guards.

Anthony Barr was moving well going straight, but didn't seem to be making cuts at full speed. That could easily just be a trepidation thing as he gets used to practice again. Sheldon Price looked about the same as he has- not quite 100%.

Andrew Abbott looked good on punt returns, not muffing anything. The same can't be said for Jordon James, who muffed one badly off his left shoulder pad.

In field goals at the beginning of practice, Gonzales nailed 3 of4, with the miss from 50. Jeff Locke got a couple of attempts from 50 and made them both.

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