Practice Notes, Neuheisel Video

It was another pretty lackadaisical practice at Spaulding, but we got some news about injuries, and some defenders looked good...

It was an extremely vocal day for the coaches, which usually isn't a good sign for the intensity. Neuheisel had to yell for the team to concentrate at the beginning of the 2 minute, and even the normally low-key Bob Palcic was laying into his offensive linemen. In general, it was just a really slow day of practice: slow jogging between periods, walking back into huddles, and an overall lack of intensity.

Kevin Prince had a so-so day. In the 7 on 7 red zone, he was doing a fairly nice job of checking down until he tried to force one to Joe Fauria just in front of the end zone that bounced off the defender's hands. He then threw a similar pass to the opposite side of the field (also to Fauria) that was picked off by Stan McKay. In the 2 minute, the defense seemed to be having their way with the offense, but Prince did throw a nice ball to Shaq Evans for about 25 yards.

Eric Kendricks and Sean Westgate split time in team drills, but Kendricks took all of the snaps in 7 on 7 drills in an effort to get him some more live practice in passing downs. Kendricks looked good on a couple of would-be sacks in scout periods, but still has some work to do in coverage, getting a little out of position a couple of times.

Interestingly, Glenn Love was playing with the second team safeties in both 7 on 7 and 11 on 11. With Tony Dye and Alex Mascarenas out indefinitely, and Dietrich Riley out this week, the safety situation is a bit dire. Love looked pretty good in the 7 on 7, and had an interception and a couple of pass break ups in scout.

Richard Brehaut got an X-ray earlier this morning and will be getting the results after practice. He's optimistic that he'll be back next week, but the coaches are taking a wait and see approach. He appears to be walking with even less of a limp than yesterday, which wasn't considerable in the first place. He spent most of the practice on an exercise bike, but did throw the ball around a little at the end.

Aramide Olaniyan got some time in scout periods at defensive end, and once again shined in the 2 minute period. He and Keenan Graham both broke through the line for what would have been a sack of Kevin Prince at one point, and were consistently providing pressure when they were in throughout the day. Datone Jones split time between defensive end and defensive tackle, depending on the package. He didn't look quite as explosive as he did in the game, but it was a generally lackadaisical practice for everyone.

Sam Tai was sick and sat out practice. Chris Ward again sat out. Iuta Tepa was back in practice, but it looked like his back was still paining him, and he didn't do too much in drills. John Young has a right knee injury from someone falling into him, and sat out practice. He had an MRI earlier Wednesday, and they'll know more after receiving the results. Riley again sat out, and it's pretty clear he won't be playing this week.

Neuheisel talks after practice:

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