Practice Notes, Neuheisel Video

The team has a pretty intense practice Tuesday, Richard Brehaut makes his return and looks rusty, and Tony Dye has a little work with the scout team...

Overall, it was probably the best day of practice I've seen in my four weeks covering the team. It was an active, clean, and pretty intense practice.

Richard Brehaut did some work in individuals and looked rusty, as you‘d expect. His timing is going to need some work, with the month off. He didn't appear to be hampered at all by the leg injury, which is a welcome sign. Brett Hundley still got the reps with the 2's as the coaches work Brehaut back into the fold.

Tony Dye made his return to practice, albeit in red, and moved pretty well. He played a little bit with the scout team defense and also in individual drills, but sat out the 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 periods. Neuheisel said that Dye asked to go out and play to see how his neck feels, but that the decision for Dye to play in a game is still up to the medical staff, as he needs to be pain free for a significant amount of time. Jordan Zumwalt was dressed for practice, but did not participate. Neuheisel thinks it's likely he'll be ready to go for this weekend. Joe Roberts was also not dressed for practice.

Dietrich Riley was not at practice. According to Neuheisel, he's being checked out to see "what he needs to do to get himself back into playing condition." Neuheisel also said that it hasn't gotten to the point where the doctors think it'd be unsafe for him to play.

Kevin Prince had a pretty good day in scout periods, hitting Jerry Johnson and Josh Smith on a couple of really nice passes. He did throw an interception to Tony Dye at one point, but it looked like it was a miscommunication between him and Joseph Fauria. In the7 on 7, he didn't look as good, throwing one pass that seemed to knuckle as soon as it left his hand and sailed about 15 feet behind Johnson on a post. He also had a near pick that bounced off Aaron Hester's hands. Randall Carroll had a nice pass breakup going up against Shaquelle Evans in the 7 on 7, but again, it was an under thrown ball from Prince that allowed the break up.

Brett Hundley had probably the pass of the day, threading one to Taylor Embree right between Carroll and Tevin McDonald on a seam. He looked improved today, but he still needs to work on speeding up his reads and making sure he's not tucking and running after his first read is covered.

Owamagbe Odighizuwa had a nice sack in the two minute, getting around Mike Harris. The two minute offense played with crowd noises, but looked generally pretty effective. Prince was 4 of 5 in the period, throwing mostly underneath. Tyler Gonzalez needed three chances to convert the field goal at the end of the two minute offense. With Roberts out and Jeff Locke hurt, this would be a not so great time for him to begin to have issues. For what it's worth, he kicked all three balls well, but he barely hooked the first one past the goal post, and pushed the next one wide right by a fair margin.

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