Howland on Early Signees

Ben Howland talks about signing Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson, the skill levels of both players, and who Anderson defends at the college level...

Ben Howland talked to the media about the early signing period, among other things.

On Jordan Adams:

"Jordan Adams is a really good shooter. He's a team captain right now for the Oak Hill team he plays for. He's their leading scorer. Really excited about him, though. He's very skilled, he's got a big body. He can play two positions, the wing and the two. He's a very good passer, and a great kid. He's very used to winning, he's a winner"

On Kyle Anderson:

"Obviously Kyle Anderson is a very good player. He's a winner. He's got unbelievable skills for a guy his size with the ball. Very very good skilled passer. He's really improved his shot in the last year. He's shooting the ball really well. He can pass it, he rebounds it. Really smart. He's way ahead of the game in terms of understanding the game mentally, and in feel of the game. He's obviously a higher ranked kid. He's goin to be a very good player and we're very fortunate to have him coming to UCLA."

On what position Anderson will play:

"He's going to have the ball a lot. Next year it will be Larry and him playing the point. He can play with or without the ball, but he's so good with the ball. We'll run them together for sure."

On who Anderson will defend:

"(He's going to defend the three initially) but I hope he can eventually defend the 2 and the four, the one. Defense, right now, (the 3) is where he'll be comfortable right now. Defense, that's his big challenge right now. Offensively, he‘s as good as there is right now in high school."

On Anderson's ability to attract other players:

"Kids love to play with him. Kids are excited to play with him because they know they're going to get the ball. He can go through a game and get just two shots and he doesn't care as long as his team wins. That's what's so fun to have is a guy that totally gets it. He understands that you get recognition for winning. He's a great passer anywhere he gets the ball- in the post, out on the perimeter. He's very impressive. He's very skilled."

On Korey McCray's impact on Jordan Adams' recruitment:

"Big. He's known the kid for a long time. He's got a great relationship with the kid. We don't get Jordan Adams without Korey McCray on our staff."

On whether the early signing period is over for UCLA:

"We may still sign another here early. We have the potential for one more. We'll either lose him or get him (in the early signing period) Probably four (total in this class)."

On whether or not UCLA will go after another point guard:

"If it's the right guy. It just depends. We'll definitely sign one in the next class, if we don't sign one now."

On Arizona's class:

"Great recruiting year. Based off who's supposed to sign, very good. Lots of teams in our league are going to be very good this year."

Comparing Jordan Adams to Lodrick Stewart:

"He's a better shoot than Lodrick. He was playing against Dream Vision... he had 39 in that game. I think he may have missed one shot."

Additionally, Larry Drew will be on scholarship next year, and Kenny Jones, a walk on guard, will get a scholarship this year.

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