Practice Notes, Neuheisel Quotes

Aaron Hester goes down with an injury, we see how Cassius Marsh is re-entering the defensive tackle mix, and Kevin Prince has a shaky day...

Aaron Hester went down with an apparent ankle injury during 7 on 7's about halfway through practice. Hester didn't appear to hit anyone, but on a crossing pattern, he crumpled to the ground and cried out in pain. He spent about five minutes on the ground, and then was able to walk under his own power with no considerable limp into the training shed. He remained in there for about an hour and left practice on crutches, with his left leg basically immobile. Neuheisel said after practice that he expects Hester to be fine.

Up til that point, it had actually been a pretty up tempo practice, but after the injury, the whole team seemed to deflate a bit, and the practice got a bit listless. At one point during special teams practice, it looked like about three quarters of the team was just standing around or playing light catch.

In Hester's absence, Randall Carroll got more work at cornerback, but otherwise, there were no real changes. If it's a prolonged absence, you might possibly expect a Brandon Sermons appearance, but for this practice at least, they went with Andrew Abbott, Carroll, and Sheldon Price at corner.

Tony Dye played again in a red jersey. He actually saw a little bit of time in the 7 on 7 today, and looked like he was moving pretty well. Most of his time was spent on the scout team defense again, so he's almost certainly not a part of the game plan this week.

Jordan Zumwalt was again not dressed for practice, but Iuta Tepa was back in practice and seemed to be rotating in at defensive end his usual amount. Chris Ward is still out.

At defensive tackle, the situation is interesting. With the return of Cassius Marsh, the breakdown seems to be a top four of Marsh, Datone Jones, Donovan Carter, and Nate Chandler. Justin Edison, while he gets the first reps, isn't getting much after that, and Seali'i Epenesa did not see much time in scout periods at all. The rotation between the top four is fairly even, with Jones and Marsh typically playing with each other, and Carter and Chandler playing in the other unit.

Aramide Olaniyan seems to be taking on an expanded role, getting a little more work in coverage, as was introduced on his first play during the ASU game.

Kevin Prince didn't look great today, missing on quite a few throws in 7 on 7 and scout periods, but his practice performance the last couple of weeks hasn't entirely explained his game performance, so maybe he's finally shaking the practice player label.

Richard Brehaut looked as rusty as he did yesterday. He spent about 30 minutes after practice trying to get his timing down. He again did all of his work in individual drills.

One interesting thing is that a growing portion of the team is actually practicing in sweat pants. Given that they're going to be playing in Utah this week, where temperatures are expected to be in the 30's or 40's, it seems like a bit of an odd choice. You'd think they'd want to get acclimated to the weather.

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