Allen Leaving the Door Open

The Compton (Calif.) Dominguez offensive lineman, Dejon Allen, a commit to Arizona State, hasn't entirely shut things down, and he was in the Rose Bowl last Saturday...

Compton (Calif.) Dominguez offensive guard Dejon Allen committed to Arizona State back in the spring, and while he plans to take some official visits, he contends that he's solid to the Sun Devils.

"I'm committed to Arizona State, but I'm a little bit open," said Allen. "If I was to change my mind, Washington, UCLA or Arizona are schools I'd look at. I'm planning to visit all those schools. I'm going to talk to the coaches and get that set up."

But Allen said it would take a whole lot to sway him away from the Sun Devils.

"I committed there because of the community and the players that play and there and because of Coach (Dennis) Erickson," said Allen. "I'm going to set up my visit for there for December."

Last weekend, Allen was at the Rose Bowl when UCLA hosted Arizona State.

"I went to the Arizona State-UCLA game and it was good," said Allen. "UCLA really bumped it up but I know my team (Arizona State) went hard."

On Friday night, UCLA offensive coordinator Mike Johnson was at Dominguez's game, to see the different Dons prospects, including Allen's fellow offensive lineman, Lacy Westbrook, who committed to UCLA last week.

"With Coach Johnson there, we're pretty close and he came to our game and we had a good talk after the UCLA-Arizona State game," said Allen. "It picked up my game because I know he was there looking at me and it made me want to make a big play. With Lacy going there, I know if I went there, I'd have him there."

But Allen insists that's not much of a factor.

"I'm still pretty much committed to Arizona State," said Allen. "I really like the whole program."

Allen said he's built a good relationship with coaches at Washington and Arizona as well.

"I like the community at Washington and with Arizona, I have a good relationship with Coach Joe Salavaea," said Allen.

When asked when he'll make a final decision, Allen was quick to say that he feels he's already made one.

"My final decision is that pretty much I'm committed," said Allen. "But if I have a change in my heart, I'll go to that school that I believe is better for me. But I'm still solid to Arizona State."

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