Morelli and Johnson Visit

Pennsylvania standouts <b>Anthony Morelli</b> and <b>Andrew Johnson</b> took their much anticipated unofficial visit to UCLA this past weekend to check out the Bruins. Although neither player came close to committing on the visit, they did give word on when their decisions could be coming...

Anthony Morelli, a 6-4, 210 pound quarterback from Pittsburgh (Pa.) North Hills, had UCLA leading prior to the visit and nothing happened on the visit to change that for the talented signal caller.

"I loved everything about the trip," Morelli said. "We met Coach Dorell and the rest of the staff Sunday morning and they showed us everything. I loved the campus, it was probably the highlite of the visit for me and the nicest campus I've seen. They showed us the facilities, the new weight room they're building, everything.

"The whole staff was there so that was cool being able to meet everyone. (Offensive Coordinator and quarterbacks coach) Axman is the only coach I had seen in person before. I got to spend some quality time with him talking about the type of offense they'll be running and going over the depth chart, who they're recruiting this year and things like that. We didn't get to see the Rose Bowl because they're only allowed to show us what's on campus on an unofficial visit. Right now, UCLA is still way up there and I would put Ohio State and Florida State in my top three as well.

"I still plan to commit early, before my school year starts so I would like to take at least one more unofficial visit before doing it so I have something to compare UCLA too. I was invited to the EA SPORTS Elite 11 and I'm planning to fly in early so I can spend some more time at UCLA in more of a football setting. There weren't many students on campus when I came this time because of Memorial Day weekend. That was probably the only negative and I would have liked to have met some of the players on the team but I understand that they were all with the family. Overall, UCLA was a great visit and I can definitely see myself there."

Andrew Johnson, a 5-11, 200 pound running back from Pittsburgh (Pa.) North Hills, sounded even more impressed than Morelli did with the visit.

"It was my first time in California and I really loved it," Johnson said. "I'm a big city guy so I think I would fit in really well there. The campus was great but it wasn't just the campus I liked but the whole area of Westwood was great. The people are friendly, the weather is nice and I really like the direction of the football program. All the coaches were great to talk with and I really get along well with (running back) coach Bieniemy. He was telling me how he went away to school (Colorado) and how much it helped him grow up and made him a man.

"He kept saying he knows I'm coming but he wasn't putting any pressure on me at all to commit. He just said whenever I'm ready and talked how much they would love to have me. We talked about the offense, the players on the team. They have some good running back right now with Tyler Ebell and Maurice Drew coming in but I'm not afraid of competition and I'm confident in my ability. I'm going to decide before the season and it's still UCLA and Pittsburgh right now.

"I still want to wait and see what happens with the Big East conference but if things drag on, I'll go ahead and decide before that's concluded. I want to make my decision so I can focus on school and football next year and I don't want there to be any distractions. Right now, things are going pretty slow with the Big East and I have no idea when they're will be a resolution. Hopefully it happens soon but if not, like I said, I'll be ready to make my decision. I've been to Pitt several times already so I think I have enough information to make a decision."

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