Practice Notes, Neuheisel Video

Practice is pretty poor, with Prince erratic and generally sloppy offensive play. But the Bruins begin to get a few injured back in the fold...

It was a pretty sloppy, slow practice out at Spaulding. Kevin Prince had a generally miserable day, Nelson Rosario didn't put out a great effort, and there seemed to be some concentration issues along the offensive line.

But, other than that, it was fine.

In the 7 on 7, Prince, when he was hitting passes, was hitting most of his receivers high. On one play, Tony Dye probably would have broken Joseph Fauria in half if contact was allowed. When he wasn't hitting passes, it was even uglier. His second pass of the period was an ugly interception to Patrick Larimore that you'd assume was thrown to Taylor Embree, only Embree was about ten yards away from where the ball was thrown. Then he threw a badly under thrown pass to Nelson Rosario, but Rosario probably could have given a better effort.

In the two minute, Prince again looked pretty poor, but he was helped by shoddy receiver play and some weirdness along the offensive line. Rosario again was guilty of giving a half-hearted effort on a couple of routes, but Prince was also constantly under pressure, with Cassius Marsh and Aramide Olaniyan combining for three sacks. On one play, which didn't appear to be designed as a screen, four defenders broke through the offensive line on the snap. After that, you could hear the offensive coaches calling for more focus. Prince also threw a fairly poor ball to Taylor Embree where Andrew Abbott made a nice play to jump the route and get the interception.

Rosario also false started on a play, but the coaches ended up calling it offsides on the defense, though it appeared Datone Jones made it back in time. It was weird to see an offsides/false start in a mostly silent practice.

Capping that inept drive off, Tyler Gonzales needed three tries to kick the 47 yard field goal, missing both of the first two tries short and just barely muscling the third over the crossbar. It seemed like more of the kicks are knuckling off his foot, and he's not getting the good arc that he was getting earlier in the year.

Brett Hundley and Richard Brehaut seemed to split most of the snaps with the 2‘s. In individual drills, Brehaut actually looked pretty good, showing much improved timing over last week. Hundley also looks like the last few weeks of reps are starting to pay off, making a number of nice passes in individual and scout drills.

Marsh also got an interception during scout periods, which he returned for a touchdown.

Tony Dye was out of the red jersey and practiced with the 1st team defense. He was running really well, and afterward reported no pain from having a little contact. Sean Westgate's club is increasingly diminished. It looks like it's down to just a heavy wrap on that right wrist. Jordan Zumwalt was back in practice, and did most of his work individually on the side, although he did get in for some linebacker drills early on. Alex Mascarenas was also back in practice in the red jersey, and Neuheisel said afterward that they expect him to be cleared to play this week.

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