Neuheisel Video, Practice Notes

There's some more energy at Spaulding Field Thursday, and Coach Rick Neuheisel talks about the intangibles playing against Colorado...

Thursday's practice had a little more energy than the last two days, and the coaches were pumped up as well. Offensive Coordinator Mike Johnson got in the ear of a couple of receivers, and Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey was jumping around after an interception.

In scout, the defense wasn't great, with the scout team offense appearing to complete a fairly high percentage of passes, at least for the scout team. Dalton Hilliard and Randall Carroll both had pretty easy interceptions, though.

The offense going against the scout D looked pretty good, with Kevin Prince throwing accurately.

Then, in two-minute, Prince also threw pretty accurately but wasn't effective. Cory Harkey had a pass in his hands broken up by Sean Westgate; Nelson Rosario caught a short come-backer; Shaquelle Evans brought in a short out; Evans dropped a pass, and then Tevin McDonald stepped in front of a Prince pass and took it back for a pick-six.

Tyler Gonzalez did then hit a 40-yard field goal.

Alex Mascarenas was back in street clothes, not looking very likely to be ready to play by Saturday.

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