Practice Notes, Neuheisel Video

Kevin Prince has a so-so day in practice Tuesday, but the intensity is good, and Rick Neuheisel talks briefly with the media afterward...

UCLA, as would be expected with USC on the schedule, had a good practice Tuesday. There was real intensity, and you got the sense that the players knew the stakes of this weekend and were practicing accordingly. There wasn't that overall feeling of wasted time that has pervaded too many practices this year.

In terms of play, Kevin Prince was having a great practice until the 2 minute drill. He looked great in scout team and 7 on 7, but in the 2 minute he threw a near pick to Tony Dye where he badly overthrew Joseph Fauria, and then threw what would have been a pick six to Tevin McDonald. Neuheisel had to advance the ball 35 yards just so Tyler Gonzalez could have his requisite field goal to end the period (which he nailed from 42 yards) because not only did Prince throw the interception, but time actually ran out in the drill.

In the 7 on 7, though, Prince hit all but one pass, which was one where Luke Gane fell down on the route. His only other pass that might have been called a drop was one to Fauria that Sheldon Price broke up after the catch. Prince looked very sharp, and seemed to be going through his progressions pretty quickly.

Brett Hundley is taking the primary reps with the 2's, but Richard Brehaut actually got a bit of a look in the 11 on 11 today and looked pretty decent, hitting a nice throw down the sideline to Nelson Rosario. Hundley wasn't getting much zip on his throws in individuals, and didn't look much better in scout, so it'll be interesting to see what decision gets made if Prince has an issue during the game on Saturday.

UCLA played a recording from a USC game over the loudspeaker during the 11 on 11, and it sounded more authentic than the usual constant roar that they use for crowd noise, with some Conquest and cheerleaders cheering (probably at the wrong time). For whatever the heck that's worth.

Alberto Cid, Randall Carroll, and Johnathan Franklin all sat out practice sick. Isaiah Bowens and Sean Westgate did not dress for practice, both being out with concussions.

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