Cyburt Keeps All Visits Post-Season

Offensive tackle Colby Cyburt boasts offers from both Ivy and Pac-12 programs, but is waiting until his season finishes to take visits. FOX Sports/'s Annabel Stephan catches up with Cyburt about recruiting, playoffs, and more.

Mission Viejo (Calif.) offensive tackle Colby Cyburt has been racking up the offers over the past few months, which vary from Ivy League to Pac-12 schools, including Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, Utah, and Washington.

Annabel Stephan: Mission Viejo is still in the playoffs. How have the Diablos continued to perform so well?

Colby Cyburt: We've really just been getting out there in the running game. We're able to run the ball very well. We're pretty consistent, and have just come together as a team. It's awesome. I think we are just a strong team. We've been stepping it up in practice...we're ready to kick butt.

Stephan: You have a variety of offers, including Ivy Schools like Harvard and Princeton, as well as Pac-12 schools. What are you looking for?

Cyburt: Education is really important to me and then obviously I'm really interested in the Pac-12; football is up there is well. They pretty much go hand in hand.

Stephan: Your first offer came from Colorado. What was that like?

Cyburt: It was awesome. It was so early on, and just to have that interest from the Pac-12 so early on was a blessing, really.

Stephan: You recently mentioned you were planning on taking official visits to Colorado, UCLA, and Stanford. Why those three?

Cyburt: Well, Colorado has been after me from pretty early on. I took a visit up there and loved it. UCLA is close to home. I love their campus, love everything about them...their education. And Stanford, their education is awesome and their program is doing so well right now, so I'm really interested in them as well.

Stephan: Do you have any idea where your other two official visits will be to?

Cyburt: It's pretty open. There are a lot of colleges I'm talking to.

Stephan: When are you planning on taking your visits?

Cyburt: No officials are planned right now. It really depends on when our season ends. Hopefully it's not too soon, but after that I'll be going on officials.

Stephan: Any idea of a timeline?

Cyburt: I'd like to announce by January, late December if possible. The earlier the better!

The Mission Viejo Diablos will face the Santa Margarita Eagles this weekend in the PAC 5 Semi-Finals.

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