FREE VIDEO: Neuheisel Carried Off Field

Video of Rick Neuheisel being carried off the field by his players, practice is extremely windy, and Kevin Prince has another poor day...

It was an emotional end to practice, as the players huddled around Rick Neuheisel in the middle of Spaulding Field and carried him off to the gate, humming the fight song. We'll have video of that up later.

Practice itself was pretty eventful, with high winds looking like they might push over the much maligned east goal posts. At one point, Neuheisel had to ask the camera operators to come down off of their platforms for safety, and dust kicked up off the Pauley renovation and covered practice at a couple of points.

It seems pretty clear that the scout team offense is not playing at the same speed as they were earlier this week. The defense did a much better job stopping the scout team, but you could attribute a lot of that to the offense going much slower. The scout team offense did have one nice play where Brett Hundley connected on a play action pass to Jerry Rice Jr. for a touchdown.

In 7 on 7 and full team drills, Kevin Prince had another rough day. He threw one interception to Andrew Abbott in 7 on 7 that was about 10 yards short of Josh Smith in the back of the end zone. He also threw a similar pass that bounced off Eric Kendricks' hand in the middle of the end zone. It was a bit of a switch from yesterday, when he was throwing most everything high, but he may have been adjusting his throwing for the wind.

His first throw in the 2 minute offense was an interception to Abbott, and then on the next play, there was a botched snap. After that, he looked OK as the offense drove down the field.

Patrick Larimore looks like he's been working on his pass coverage, showing some pretty good awareness on a 7 on 7 play where Prince wasn't able to get off a throw.

With the high wind, special teams practice was an adventure. Oddly, Jordon James actually looked the best fielding the ball when it was winding all over the place. With the wind blowing, Jeff Locke spent a good portion of practice trying to kick 60 yard field goals (he missed them right). Before the wind kicked up, Tyler Gonzalez was 4 for 4 on field goals.

VIDEO #1: Neuheisel post-practice interview.

VIDEO #2: Neuheisel being carried off the field.

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