Bruins Get Their Man in Payton

Junior Day at UCLA on Saturday wsa a succes obviously. It was thought that defensive back <b>Bryan Payton</b> from Covina South Hills was on the verge of committing, and Junior Day was the catalyst...

Offered a scholarship a few weeks ago, defensive back prospect Bryan Payton, 6-1, 185, Covina (Calif.) South Hills, knew he wanted to go to UCLA but waited until Junior Day to give his commitment.

"Junior Day was reallly good," Payton said. "I committed today (Saturday) to Coach Dorrell and he was pretty excited for me, and the other coaches congratulated me and shook my hand. Once they offered me, I knew I wanted to commit. It wasn't spur of the moment in committing though. I have known for a while. I could have done it in the last few weeks, but I wanted to wait until today to do it."

After a strong junior season, where he snagged 11 interceptions, Payton was targeted by the Bruin staff as one of its top cornerback prospects. That culminated with the offer and then the commitment. "I've liked UCLA a long time, so I knew to commit there. Coach Bieniemy was recruiting me, and he is from this area too."

Junior Day was a pretty good experience for Payton, and he was joined in his commitment by a friend of his. "Daniel Drayton (Los Altos) is another player in this area and he committed too, so it was cool we both are going there."

Now, with his commitment given, Payton can concentrate on other things, one his senior season and another, the recruitment his twin brother, Jeremy. "That's why I wanted to commit, so I can focus on my senior year, and not have to worry about recruiting. Now I am going to work on my brother so he can go there as well. The coaches want to watch him a couple times this year, and I'd like him to join me. I'm pretty excited to be a Bruin."

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