Blandin Reacts to Broussard Move

The Long Beach Poly wide receiver still calls Arizona State his "top choice", but will give UCLA a closer look now that position coach and area recruiter Steve Broussard has changed programs...

Now that Arizona State has pinpointed their next head coach, Sun Devils commits are able to process the information and take the next step in their recruiting process. One of five Long Beach Poly commits, wide receiver Josiah Blandin, doesn't know much about the new coach, but has heard positive feedback.

"I heard they picked up Todd Graham from Pittsburgh, that's cool. I knew he was the coach at Pittsburgh, but I haven't looked him up or talked to him. But I've heard he's a great coach."

With the gain of a new head coach came the loss of a key ASU player who had a key role in the recruitment of the Poly players.

"ASU is still my top choice but my area recruiter, Steve Broussard, the receivers coach, he's going to coach at UCLA now so it has me, like, my percentage on going to ASU has decreased. It's still my top choice, but I'm so close to Broussard, I'd want to play where he's coaching at."

Broussard spent the past year building a relationship with Blandin and his teammates. "Broussard offered me in the spring, right after last year's signing day. From there on, we got close. I could talk to him about anything, he would check up on me every week and make sure everything was going good."

Blandin was blindsided by the news of Broussard's departure for UCLA. "When I found out, I was in shock, like 'when did this happen?' I didn't even know he was up for the job, that he was one of the options. The good thing about it is that it's UCLA. If it was somewhere else, somewhere far, I'd be upset about it. But it's kind of a win-win situation."

There is one hiccup; he has yet to get an official offer from the Bruins. Blandin will still take a closer look. "It's close to home. UCLA was always a school that I liked, it was the second one I was leaning to. It's a great academic school, close to home…hopefully the program turns around and gets going. The only thing is, I just don't have an offer yet."

In the meantime, Blandin is waiting to hear from Broussard on what comes next. "I talked to him a few days ago, on Saturday, and he said he was going to give me a call in a few days," he said. He's also planning on unofficially visiting campus this weekend to get a feel for things.

However, as it stands, Blandin is still a Sun Devil, and his visit date has been set. "I take my official visit to ASU on the 20th of January. All five of us (including teammates Randall Goforth, Salamo Fiso, Matthew Rowe, and Richard Smith) are going to the ASU visit."

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