Byers Coming to L.A.

The #1 offensive line prospect in the west -- and possibly the country -- Colorado's <b>Jeff Byers</b>, is visiting Los Angeles for the first time over the next couple of days. He gave us his itinerary and an update on his recruiting...

Jeff Byers, 6-4, 270, Loveland (Col.) High, showed off his basketball prowess at the Rumble in the Bay AAU tournament in San Jose Memorial Day weekend.

It actually couldn't be described as basketball prowess. It's probably safe to say that Byers will only see the basketball floor in college by attending the games when he's there on a football scholarship.

But for a guy who is 6-4 and 270, what he did show on a basketball court was his tremendous mobility, which is evident in his highlight tape. He runs, has the quickness and feet of a fullback, and hits like a truck. Byers, in fact, is impressing so many college coaches around the country that offers are flooding in. Scouting services are so impressed, he could be named among the top few players in the country, regardless of position.

While in the Bay Area Memorial Day weekend, Byers unofficially visited Stanford. He's pretty much using the spring and summer to take a tour of the schools he's considering. "It's just a convenient time to visit the programs I'm interested in," he said. "I've been to Stanford, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State and Nebraska. I'll go to Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State in late June. And I'm visiting UCLA and USC this week."

In fact, Byers' father is already in Southern California, while Jeff, his mother and his sister fly in tonight. "I've never been to Los Angeles so I'm really looking forward to it. I'll go to USC on the 5th, and then UCLA on the 6th. My mom and sister plan to hang out at the beach and then we'll meet up with them at night."

When asked if he had a favorite among the schools on his list, or those he's visited, Byers played it pretty close to the vest. "I'm really completely wide open. I've had very good impressions of all the schools I've seen. I've had a good time visiting them. They're all quality programs. I want to get to know all of the quality programs, their coaches, and see if they're the right place for me."

Byers said he's now hearing from just about every program in the country. "Lately I've heard from Tennessee, Florida State and Miami."

Being close to his family, you'd think the thought of going away to school could be a difficult one. "No, not at all," Byers said. "My mom and dad would have no problem if I left. And neither would I."

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