Could Osweiler Transfer to UCLA?

There is information that Arizona State's prolific junior quarterback, Brock Osweiler, wants to follow soon-to-be-named UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone to Westwood...

It's pretty well known that Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler is particularly fond of Noel Mazzone.

The rumor going around that Osweiler wants to follow Mazzone to his next destination is valid, according to sources. And, of course, as Bruin Report Online has reported, Mazzone being inked with UCLA is a formality that should happen this week.

When a source close to the situation was asked if this meant Osweiler would want to transfer to UCLA, the answer was, "Yes, that's exactly what it means."

Osweiler, who is a junior, is reportedly on track to graduate from ASU early, so he'd be eligible for the NCAA graduate transfer exception, enabling him to transfer to another school after graduating from ASU this year and be able to play next season without having to sit out. It's what Wisconsin's Russell Wilson did, and UCLA's Jamie Graham.

It does get a bit dicey, however, since it would be an intra-conference transfer. Apparently, there would be some hoops to jump through:

1) ASU would have to not renew aid for next season, which would be done in June.

2) Osweiler would have to want to apply for a graduate program at UCLA that ASU doesn't offer, and get accepted.

3) Osweiler would have to petition the Pac-12 for a waiver from the intra-conference transfer rule, and the Pac-12 would likely only grant the waiver if Arizona State supported the transfer.

It's thought that Arizona State's new coaching staff signing off on Osweiler transferring to UCLA is a longshot.

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