Quarterback Prospect Plans Trip

All Saints Episcopal High (Fort Worth, Texas) quarterback and ASU commit T.J. Millweard will be taking a trip out to UCLA next weekend...

All Saints Episcopal High (Fort Worth, Texas) quarterback T.J. Millweard talks to Noel Mazzone almost every day, so it's only natural now that Mazzone has been hired at UCLA as the offensive coordinator that Millweard wants to take a visit.

"I had a great relationship with him when I committed to Arizona State," Millweard said. "He was one of the big factors. Arizona State's a great school and a great program, but coach Mazzone was a big factor in my commitment there, so it definitely made me want to go look at UCLA when he went there."

Millweard will visit UCLA next weekend, and hopes to get a good impression of what UCLA has to offer, and also meet the new coaching staff which, aside from Mazzone, he has had little contact with.

"I really know nothing about the school, truthfully, just aside from the academic excellence that they have and the good football tradition. Also, (meeting coach Mora) is one of the purposes of the visit. I've not talked to him. It's been with Mazzone the whole time."

As for the status of his commitment, Millweard said that he is committed to ASU but is simply looking elsewhere right now. Right now, that elsewhere includes Arkansas, UCLA and Arizona State. UCLA is the only visit he has planned, with the expectation that ASU head coach Todd Graham might be coming to his house for an in home visit the week after the UCLA visit.

"I just talked to (coach Graham) maybe a few days ago. I liked everything he had to say, so I'm definitely interested. I'm excited to get to meet the new coaching staff," Millweard said. "Me and coach Mazzone, just because of his recruitment of me early on, the personal level we got to in our relationship I feel like I might need to learn to get to with coach Graham and his staff."

Millweard wants to make a decision pretty soon after the UCLA visit, and would rather not drag the process out until signing day.

"I don't want to really leave it up in the air. I'm the kind of guy who wants to make a decision as soon as I know what feels right with me. I'm hoping the UCLA visit will help give me a better understanding of what school I feel is best for me."

"I'm not a guy who wants to wait until signing day."

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