Jacobs Talks about the Bruins

Arroyo Grande (Calif.) linebacker Seth Jacobs has UCLA in his top five and will be taking an up close look at the Bruins in a couple of weeks on his official visit...

Arroyo Grande (Calif.) linebacker Seth Jacobs will be visiting UCLA in a couple of weeks, and from the sounds of it, the UCLA coaching staff is going to have a fair amount of convincing to do.

"(Rick Neuheisel's staff) recruited me a lot," Jacobs said. "I just wasn't very interested because they really weren't producing and they weren't doing well and was just kind of a program where I wasn't sure where they were going to be. I'm still kind of fuzzy about that right now. But with the new coaching staff, bringing in a couple of good recruited, and being that UCLA has a great education and the fact that it's in a great area, it's something to consider."

The four star linebacker is also looking at a number of other schools, including Oklahoma State, Colorado, Arizona State, and Arkansas. He's visiting Oklahoma State this weekend and Colorado the following weekend. If he does head to Arkansas or Oklahoma State, distance will not be a factor.

"I have relatives and family in Tulsa, which is an hour away from Oklahoma State," Jacobs said. "My family is supporting me with whatever decision I'm making for the most part, just helping me with my evaluation. Pretty much the entire decision will be mine and what I feel fits me best."

While Jacobs doesn't cite a leader, he did have favorable things to say about Oklahoma State, citing their recent bowl win, the improvement of the program, and the facilities as big factors that reflect favorably on the school.

With UCLA, Jacobs is being personally recruited by Jim Mora, who's been pitching him on playing time and the changing culture.

"He's a good guy," Jacobs said. "He's fired up about the challenge of turning it around there. I hope the best for him. He said that he plays freshmen, and isn't afraid to play freshmen at all. (He said) they're ready to make a change, and they're ready to bring back the winning tradition. It was a good pick up for the UCLA program."

Jacobs actually had a good experience with the old staff, talking with Clark Lea once a week and he thought well of Rick Neuheisel. But ultimately, the lack of wins at UCLA set the recruitment back.

"Coach Neuheisel is a great man, and a good guy, but the way it came down to it, it wasn't about the coaching staff," Jacobs said. "In this trip I look forward to getting to know the coaching staff that's in there right now. And I'll be able to talk to current players to get their perspectives on how things are going there."

UCLA will be Jacobs' last visit, with Colorado coming next weekend, but he did say that although he probably will wait until after his last visit to make his decision, there's a chance it'll happen earlier.

"I might make my decision before my last visit, but I'm only going to announce on signing day," Jacobs said. "I'll be at my high school at 6:30. I've been wanting to do this for a while."

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