Edwards Recruits on His Visit

Bakersfield (Calif.) Ridgeview cornerback Shannon Edwards visited UCLA this weekend, and used the time wisely, helping to recruit some classmates to join him in Westwood in the fall...

Bakersfield (Calif.) Ridgeview defensive back Shannon Edwards knew that he had a lot of work to do this past weekend on his visit to UCLA. With so many uncommitted prospects on visits as well, Edwards put his recruiting hat on and spent some time on his visit trying to convince one player in particular to join him in Westwood.

"I was doing a bunch of recruiting on the visit," Edwards said. "I was trying really hard to get Devin Fuller to come. It seemed like he was really liking the school, so I think I was pretty successful. All the guys seemed like they were having fun."

Edwards, a three star cornerback who committed back in June, is 100% solid to UCLA, and used his official visit this weekend not only to put in some recruiting time, but also to meet with the newest coaches. For him, though, the best part of the trip was the scenery.

"It was amazing," Edwards said. "I loved everything about it, but the best part for me was just seeing the campus, seeing the Rose Bowl, and going inside the Rose Bowl. It was a great experience. I‘d been inside before, but I‘d never really looked at the history behind it, or really learned about the Rose Bowl."

Sheldon Price acted as Edwards' host during the visit, and had some veteran advice for the incoming freshman.

"He just told me to make sure I stay focused and balance my life when I get here and I'll be good," Edwards said.

When Edwards committed he was the only defensive back in the recruiting class, but in recent weeks the class has fleshed out to include possibly as many as eight more defensive backs. While some might feel a little trepidation walking into that, Edwards relishes the opportunity.

"I'm 100% a Bruin," Edwards aid. "I'm looking forward to that competition. I'm totally down to compete."

There was some speculation earlier in his recruitment that Edwards might be a candidate for early entry, but as of now, he's planning on finishing out the school year normally and entering school in the fall with the majority of the class.

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