Millweard Has a New Leader

Fort Worth (Tex.) All Saints quarterback T.J. Millweard was blown away by his visit to UCLA, and has a new leader. Now, he plans on making his decision in the next couple of days...

Fort Worth (Tex.) All Saints quarterback T.J. Millweard, who committed to ASU back when Noel Mazzone was offensive coordinator there, decided to take a trip to UCLA when Mazzone was hired as the Bruins' offensive coordinator.

With his trip now over, it suffices to say that Millweard was blown away by his official visit to UCLA this weekend.

"It was great," Millweard said. "I really really loved it. Just the whole football tradition side of UCLA blew me away. I knew about the tradition, but didn't know everything. And then they've got some great coaches there, of course, in Coach Mazzone and Coach Mora, and great other assistant coaches. I really love the coaches there."

Millweard was first committed to Virginia Tech, and then committed to ASU. Now, with Mazzone as the offensive coordinator at UCLA, he says that the Bruins now lead for his services, although he wants to wait a day or two before making his decision.

"We have a family saying in my household, ‘Let's sleep on it,'" Millweard said. "I don't really want to rush into any decision, so I'm just going to take the next 24 to 48 hours to make sure I think this all the way through and get some good sleep, and then hopefully come to a decision."

For Millweard, the highlight of the trip was actually learning about the sometimes intimidating academics of UCLA.

"I knew going into it, just the great academics, but we were actually able to just sit there and talk to some of the counselors, which was great," Millweard said. "I was thinking of doing business, so we listened to a few business professors talk to us, and I got to meet them personally. So that was really fun, and a great experience for me."

The three star quarterback, who would be a candidate for early entry if he elects to attend UCLA, also came away impressed with the coaching staff, top to bottom.

"I've been talking with Coach Mazzone for a while, but it was really great to see him in person again because we've only been able to talk on the phone. So that was really awesome, but I also really appreciated their assistant coaches there and Coach Mora. They have high character coaches there right now and they want you to succeed in academics and football, naturally, but they also want you to succeed and grow up and be a better person when you graduate from UCLA."

This was Millweard's first time really spending a long portion of time speaking with Jim Mora, and he liked what he heard.

"I know his NFL background, but he wasn't really selling that," Millweard said. "He was really selling discipline and just really accountability, and I really like that as a quarterback. When you have discipline and accountability in a team, that makes you better."

Millweard was hosted by offensive lineman Torian White on his visit, and the two spent a long while talking football.

"He's kind of quiet at first, but then as soon as you get him talking, what a nice kid and a great young man," Millweard siad. "I talked with him for a while, and he's definitely ready to work and hopes to get a chance this season. I really like to hear that from offensive linemen. Of course, as a quarterback, you love those offensive linemen who love to work."

Millweard had an in home visit with ASU coach Todd Graham and his offensive coordinator Mike Norvell earlier today, and is planning on taking all the information from that visit and the official to UCLA and make a decision in the next two days.

"They also talked discipline and accountability and great character," Millweard said. "So these are two great schools and programs, and I feel like I can't go wrong in my choice."

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