Della Valle Still Wide Open

Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep point guard Amedeo Della Valle is having a good senior season, and is still wide open in his recruitment, although there are four schools recruiting him hard...

Playing on what is basically an all star team in Findlay Prep (which boasts such high major talents as Brandon Ashley, Anthony Bennett, and Dominic Artis), four star point guard Amedeo Della Valle occasionally gets lost in the shuffle. That‘s OK for the Italian import, who‘s excited with the way his team is playing so far this season.

"The season's going really good," Della Valle said. "I mean, we're 17-1, or 18-1, and just had our first loss. We're just trying to get better every day so it's good."

Della Valle is focused enough on his team's season that he hasn't yet given much thought to his college choice. Where most of his classmates have settled on schools or, at the very least, leaders, Della Valle still considers his recruitment wide open.

"I haven't really settled on any school," Della Valle said. "I think I will make my decision pretty late, so I still have a lot of time."

Among the schools that have been trying to make his short list are St. Mary's, UCLA, Arizona, and Gonzaga, all of whom have been in frequent contact with Della Valle.

The point guard has been keeping an eye on UCLA, following the Bruins' season as it has unfolded.

"I know they struggled a bit there at the beginning of the season, but they're getting better now," Della Valle said. "And of course, they're one of the top programs every year."

The main UCLA recruiter for Della Valle has been Phil Matthews, and Ben Howland has also been in contact.

Although the point guard doesn't have a clear idea of where he'll attend school, he has a very specific set of factors he's looking for in his eventual destination.

"I would say the main factors for me are wanting to play from my freshman year, right away," Della Valle said. "And then I would say having a good coach that can develop my game. And then the right style of play. I'd like to play up tempo."

Della Valle, who emigrated from Italy this past year, is still adjusting to the college recruiting scene, and as such will probably not start his visits until the end of February or early March. He does know, however, that he wants take visits before deciding on a school.

"I will take some visits before I narrow it down," Della Valle said. "I don't think right now, but probably around March, once the season starts to wind down a little bit more."

Whichever school he ends up picking, you can probably bet that he won't be on the list of academic casualties. Asked a question about his academics, the point guard responded:

"I mean, I come from another country that's really more difficult than the States. I used to study a lot, so it's really easy for me here. The school work is just really long (instead of difficult). School goes from like 8 AM to 3 PM. It makes no sense, just four classes. I just know it's really easy."

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