Millweard Talks about Commitment

Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints' Episcopal quarter T.J. Millweard talks about committing the Bruins on Tuesday night, and why he finally settled on UCLA...

After what he describes as a "whirlwind" of a recruitment, in which he first committed to Virginia Tech and then to Arizona State University, Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints' Episcopal quarterback T.J. Millweard finally settled on a destination.

"Last night, I finally decided to give the ASU coaches a call because I just decided that UCLA was a better fit for me," Millweard said. "I just knew, in my gut, that the best fit for me was UCLA."

Millweard, a three star quarterback, gave UCLA his verbal commitment last night, speaking with a number of the coaches during the evening. He'd previously committed to ASU when UCLA's offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone was the head offensive coach there, and when Mazzone left for UCLA toward the end of December, Millweard knew he'd be taking a long look westward.

"The day that (Dennis Erickson) was fired, (Mazzone) gave me a phone call and we talked," Millweard said. "We really have a great relationship, and I knew that wherever he landed, I was going to take a visit. So the day he got hired at UCLA, he called and told me, so then I was like, ‘yes sir, sounds great. I'd love to take a visit there.'"

Having been to Los Angeles only when he was a kid, what Millweard knew about UCLA could be described thus: it was in Los Angeles, and Coach Mazzone was there. But on his visit, he was amazed by what he saw.

"I was blown away," Millweard said. "It was just a great visit. It really was. Wow, those assistant coaches, and Coach Mora, and the players- they're all just great people."

After his visit, ASU made one last pitch to him Monday night after he returned from UCLA, with head coach Todd Graham and offensive coordinator Mike Norvell in for an in home visit. However, Millweard said that the best piece of advice he got from Graham is what helped to sway him toward the Bruins.

"The best advice I think Coach Graham gave me was, ‘You need to go to the school that you feel is the best fit for you,'" Millweard said. "So I really thought about that Monday night, and kind of fell asleep, and thought about it more Tuesday. And then I just knew that UCLA was right for me."

After speaking with the ASU coaches last night, who were naturally disappointed, he called UCLA.

"First, I called Coach Mazzone, and, of course, he didn't answer," Millweard said. "So then I called Coach Mora and talked to him for a while, and I got to talk to a few of the assistant coaches that were there. Most of them were out recruiting.

"I think Coach Mora was really excited. I feel like me and him had a great relationship when I met him this weekend. He's a great coach. He really wants me to become a better person and a high character person. I really appreciated that as a young man trying to grow up."

In a recruitment that has brought the young quarterback increasingly westward, from Virginia Tech, to ASU, and now on to UCLA, the obvious question is whether Millweard is finally done, or is going to take a long look at Hawaii. But according to him, he is definitely a Bruin.

"This is my final decision, for sure," Millweard said. "I hate the whole decommitting thing, but my coach told me a long time ago, "you didn't make this process, this is not your fault. Decommitting is part of the whole deal. It's where you'll end up when you'll realize why you did all that.'"

Now fully committed, Millweard is looking to start recruiting for the Bruins, and plans to talk to Mazzone this evening to see if there are any recruits that the staff would like him to call. With the commitment now out of the way, he's also settled on his plan for the spring.

"I will be coming in early," Millweard said. "Because of the quarter system, I believe my first day will be that April 1st, or whenever spring quarter begins."

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