Whitfield Talks About UCLA Visit

Wide receiver Kodi Whitfield discusses his official visit to UCLA, his commitment to Stanford, and more...

Loyola (CA) wide receiver Kodi Whitfield, a Stanford commit who was accepted into the university on Thursday, recently returned from his weekend official visit to UCLA.

Whitfield went into the weekend with a clear mindset. "Just being admitted to Stanford was a big step; now I really have the opportunity to go there with all the logistics now taken care of. But coming into this visit, I was really just focused on taking it in, seeing what UCLA has to offer so that I can have a fair comparison to Stanford," he said.

Whitfield had a full weekend with the Bruins. "We had dinner at Lawry's, so that was pretty good. We hung out with our hosts, went to a couple of parties," he said.

"The next day we checked out the sports conditioning, like the weight room, checked out the equipment room, the jerseys, the future plans for jerseys, and then after that we went up to the Rose Bowl and they discussed how they're going to expand it and improve it, so it was all pretty good. Like most facilities, they're expanding it, but I thought what they had now was pretty cool. Obviously a high school isn't going to top that, so it'd be exciting no matter what."

While on campus, he spent time with his host-and former Loyola teammate-Jerry Neuheisel. "Just him going to Loyola was pretty cool because I guess we'd be making the same transition pretty much. He really loves the place, and not just because his dad coached there. He was really sold on the place. He's been wanting me to play at UCLA since my sophomore year, and he's still on me. He's still mad at me for being committed to Stanford! But he said I'd love it just as much as he does."

Whitfield also had the opportunity to talk with the new staff and hear how the planned to use him in their new offensive scheme. "Oh, the staff is cool. They're all like young guys and they are all pretty lively and cool to hang out with. My recruiter, Coach Klemm, he's pretty cool. I whooped him up in pool a couple of times, but he won't admit that to you!"

"Coach Mazzone, the offensive coordinator, says he sees me as an outside receiver and the offense he's bringing over, it's a spread offense, so they are going to run four receivers, four to six receivers a game, so that's pretty cool," he said. They are transitioning from the pistol offense that UCLA had last year that didn't use a lot of receivers, and he (Mazzone) said that in his offense, receivers get like 60-70 balls a season, and I thought that was pretty cool."

He may also have the opportunity to see the field early on in his collegiate career. "He said I could see the field early. You know, they don't really know who they have, I guess, from their old roster, but in recruiting me, they said I could get early playing time depending on if I earn it, if I work hard."

One of a few recruits on the weekend's trip, Whitfield was joined by friends Bryce Treggs, a California commit, and Bruins commit Ishmael Adams. "Ishmael does the most recruiting out of anybody! If there was a recruiting award, he would definitely get it!"

Whitfield, who took his official visit to Stanford last weekend, also enjoyed his time on campus there and said the Cardinal coaches have a similar plan for him.

"It was good! I really enjoyed it, just to take an official finally. I had taken some unofficials, but to hang out with the players, see their perspective on everything, that was pretty cool."

"The Stanford coaches are saying pretty much the same thing as the UCLA coaches, that I'd get early playing time if I deserve it and if I work hard enough, so I guess there isn't a real coaching disparity between the two."

With National Signing Day closely approaching, Whitfield knows where he currently stands. "As of now, I'm committed to Stanford, and simply put, UCLA is a good option to have. But if it turns out UCLA is a better option for me, then on Signing Day I'll decide."

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