Kenny Walker Up in the Air

Richmond (Calif.) Kennedy athlete Kenny Walker, who's committed to Cal, took a trip to UCLA this weekend and is growing increasingly unsure where to go to school...

Count Richmond (Calif.) Kennedy running back/athlete Kenny Walker was among those who were thrown for a loop by Cal's coaching turnover over the last few weeks. Walker, who visited UCLA this weekend, had developed a close relationship with the Bears' wide receivers coach Eric Kiseau, and when Kiseau moved on to become offensive coordinator for Washington, Walker was left wondering where to go.

"It's all up in the air," Walker said. "I have no ranking right now. I can't really give a rank right now because all that just happened with Cal, and then UCLA, I just now went up there, so I can't really rank any of it right now."

As an added wrinkle, Walker will be visiting Washington, and Kiseau, this weekend. But even though Kiseau is now a Husky, a coaching change won't make Walker's decision for him.

"This minute, man, I have no idea (where I'm going to school)," Walker said. "I don't know what to do at this point. I really wanted to go to Cal, but Kiseau had moved, and he was the person I was really connected with, and had a relationship with.

"Washington, Cal, and UCLA are all I'm looking at."

UCLA certainly made up some ground this weekend. Walker was one of the later visitors, leaving campus on Monday, and said the highlight for the trip was meeting one of UCLA lesser stars.

"The highlight was meeting Jerry Rice Jr.," Walker said. "I've never met anyone like that whose dad is that famous, and his dad is like my idol. I look up to his dad. He's my hero, so I picked his (Jerry Rice Jr.'s) brain a little bit."

Walker had only been to UCLA once before for a B2G camp where he really didn't get to spend a lot of time exploring campus, so he was happy to get the full tour this time around.

"I got to see some new stuff that I had never see, and it was good just to get out of my area and see something new," Walker said. "(Angus McClure) gave me the whole academic talk, showed me around campus, talked with me about football and where I'll be playing, so that was all nice."

McClure has been the primary recruiter with Walker since Rick Neuheisel was the head coach, and Walker says the two have built a good relationship.

"He's great," Walker said. "Me and him have got a great connection. He's a funny guy, and it was nice to meet up with him and kick it with him the whole time."

Walker was joined on his trip by fellow Cal commit Bryce Treggs, but said that Treggs' ultimate decision will not have much effect on him.

"I'm really just trying to do my own thing," Walker said. "I've texted him a bit, and he seems to be feeling UCLA right now, though."

Cal hasn't helped its cause with Walker over the last few weeks, which could play a role in leading him either to Seattle or Westwood. Whatever the decision, though, Walker will probably take until signing day to make it.

"It's probably going to go down to the wire," Walker said. "I had it all set, Cal and everything but all that fell apart. I was hoping it was going to get back together but I haven't even met the new receiving coach yet. They were supposed to come up here, but they haven't said anything. But it's cool because I've got other options."

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