Jacobs Enjoys His Visit

Arroyo Grande (Calif.) linebacker Seth Jacobs had a great visit to UCLA this weekend, and will decide between four schools, including UCLA, on signing day...

A few weeks ago, UCLA was on the fringe for Arroyo Grande (Calif.) linebacker Seth Jacobs. Jacobs was not impressed with the direction of the program over the last few years, and, if he were to take a serious look at the Bruins, he wanted to see that strides had been made to change the culture in Westwood.

Now that his official visit is complete, it‘s safe to say that the Bruins have made an impression.

"I had a great visit," Jacobs said. "This weekend elevated UCLA. During this whole time when the staff was in limbo, I didn‘t know what was going on with the coaching staff. But I‘ve talked with them the past couple of weeks and then I really got to know them this weekend. They‘re all high energy guys eager to change this program so that was pretty neat to experience."

Jacobs, who was hosted by current UCLA linebacker Aramide Olaniyan, spent the majority of his time talking with linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich, defensive coordinator Lou Spanos, and head coach Jim Mora. The four star was particularly impressed by Mora and his message.

"I think he was the best hire in the Pac-12," Jacobs said. "UCLA did a great job in picking him. He‘s a high energy, sincere, down to earth man. And it was great listening to him. He talked about his family, and all the relationships he‘s built. You just realized that (coaching football) really isn‘t about him, in his mind, but more about the kids. And that‘s the message I heard from him, which was really cool."

The highlight of the visit for Jacobs, who has been to UCLA multiple times, was heading out to the Rose Bowl and experiencing a little of what the game day experience is like. He said that coming out on the field from the locker room got him "pumped up."

Jacobs will be making his decision on signing day and plans to choose between four of the five schools he visited: Arkansas, UCLA, Oklahoma State, and Colorado. When asked if UCLA pushed for him to commit this weekend, he had some interesting things to say.

"They really didn't," Jacobs said. "They're respecting my decision. They honestly, truly just want to find what's best for the kids, and through this recruiting process, (Coach Mora) has stressed that he's developed so many relationships with so many families that no matter where these kids go, he'll still have that relationship.

"So I feel fortunate to have gone through this process and met so many great people, and build so many great connections for the future. I'm really happy about that."

Originally, Jacobs said that although he'd wait to announce his decision until signing day, the decision itself might be made a week or two in advance. Now, after taking his visits over the last few weeks, he says he has some thinking to do, and that his mind is not made up.

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