Ceachir Talks on Adrian Klemm

Santa Monica (Calif.) College offensive tackle Alexandru Ceachir talks about his visit to UCLA, his plans for attending in the spring, and his admiration for offensive line coach Adrian Klemm...

When Santa Monica (Calif.) College offensive tackle Alexandru Ceachir committed to UCLA in December, a huge factor playing into the decision was offensive line coach Adrian Klemm. When he was at SMU, Klemm gave Ceachir one of his first offers, and when Klemm moved on to UCLA, Ceachir quickly made his decision to follow.

To hear Ceachir talk, it's pretty clear why he did.

"Coach Klemm is awesome," Ceachir said. "I feel really comfortable with him. I know he can help me to learn a lot. He's going to be my model for the future. I'm just going to listen to him. He's great football-wise, and he's a great person. And he makes people feel comfortable because he knows what he's talking about."

Ceachir took in a visit to UCLA this past weekend, which was just his third time to the UCLA campus despite going to school in Santa Monica. For him the best part of the visit was checking out the football and campus infrastructure.

"I really liked the lifting facilities, the coaches offices, and the locker rooms," Ceachir said. "Football-wise, it was great. I also loved all the old buildings on campus. I love old stuff."

The three star offensive tackle will be enrolling at UCLA on March 29th to play spring ball and hopefully compete for playing time in the increasingly crowded UCLA offensive line.

"I'm not sure if I'm going to get a (starting job)," Ceachir said. "I'm going to compete from the beginning. Every day you need to compete. I'm not going to surrender, I'm just going to try all the time. I'm going to fight for a spot. If you want to be one of the best, you have to work all the time."

With three years to play two, Ceachir has the option of redshirting this coming season, but he says that the coaching staff wants him to come in first before making a decision about that.

"We haven't been talking about (redshirting)," Ceachir said. "After spring ball I think they're going to let me know. They're the bosses, so they're going to tell me what to do, how to do it, and what's going to be best for me. But I have no problem with competing, so we'll see."

Ceachir played tackle at Santa Monica, but he's open to playing anywhere along the line, saying he'll "play tackle, guard, or anywhere coach Klemm asks me to play. As long as I'm going to be one of those guys playing on the field, I'm going to be comfortable."

On the visit, Ceachir played a bit of a tour guide role, rather than actively trying to convince guys to come to UCLA. He says that given his experience in the area, he was able to allay concerns that some of the recruits had about Los Angeles.

"I was just talking with guys, asking where they are from, what other places they're looking," Ceachir said. "I was just trying to help them if they had any questions that they didn't want to ask the coaches. A lot of guys were asking about areas, so I helped them with letting them know about the area around here, that it's a great area, and it's safe. Telling them, ‘You know, it's a couple of miles from the beach where you can just lay out in the sun and relax.'"

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