Oregon DT Joe Bozikovich

He's one of the best prospects in the state of Oregon, and college coaches have really just begun to discover defensive line prospect <b>Joe Bozikovich</b>. He's had visitors this spring, is gearing up for the Oregon Nike Camp, and has a list of favorite schools...

One of the top prospects in Oregon is Portland Wilson's defensive lineman Joe Bozikovich (6-2, 260). Somewhat unknown before this spring, college coaches have discovered him, with Bozikovich getting plenty of attention in recent months.

"Michigan, Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon and Oregon State have all visited my school," Bozikovich said. " I'm also hearing from Michigan State, UCLA and Cal."

Bozikovich has been offered a scholarship by Oregon State, as well as Portland State, but said he's had a few schools hint that they could be offering soon and he expects more this summer.

Currently, Bozikovich lists his top five as Michigan, Notre Dame, Washington, UCLA and Oklahoma. "I really don't have a leader, and its up in the air right now because its early, but I am just about playing football."

Bozikovich plans for a busy summer. He said, "I am camping at Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame. I know the schools out here know my name, but I am hoping that by going out there and doing well, my name can be more national."

Bozikovich plans to go to the Eugene Nike Camp this weekend, his second visit in two years to the camp. This year, he's looking forward to performing well and improving his stock further. "I went last year, and learned a lot, and had fun. But this year I am bigger and stronger and I am going to be a lot more serious about the camp."

A two-way linemen, Bozikovich said he plans to play strictly defense when he gets to college. When asked why, he said, "I hate playing offense, I want to make tackles."

Bozikovich won't have a problem qualifying with a 3.6 GPA, with exceptional scores in both the SAT and ACT.

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