Dorsey Begins Playing Point

Class of 2015 shooting guard Tyler Dorsey, who plays for Los Angeles Ribet Academy, has begun playing point guard this year, and has seen his profile rise among high major schools...

It's a long way until the class of 2015 becomes a going concern, but a player to keep an eye on is shooting guard Tyler Dorsey of Los Angeles Ribet Academy. At 6'4 and growing, Dorsey has begun playing point guard this year for Ribet, and according to his father, is improving daily in his feel for the game and passing ability.

"He's doing well, but the team's not doing as well as they'd hope," Jared Dorsey said. "(Tyler) can play either guard position, and he's really learned how to be a great passer. He's always been the best passer on any team he's been on. He's always had great instincts as a point guard, and his thing is he just has to play with better players to really see it. When he played with Belmont Shores (his AAU team) this past summer, you could really see it, because he had guys he could get it to.

"He's really good at getting the ball to guys in the right position to score."

Dorsey has had to sit out the last two games for Ribet because of a sore tendon in his foot, which flared up due to issues with the court at Ribet. According to his father, the Ribet court is not ideal, with a thin layer of rubber overlaying cement, and it has been hard on the joints of the players.

"He's had some foot issues due to our floor," his father said. "It's basically like playing on cement all the time. They practice for two and a half hours at a time, so one of the tendons in his left foot has flared up. And we're trying to figure it out. So he's no longer practicing or playing games on it. It's jacked up all the kids knees."

Ribet is apparently in the process of funding and putting in a new floor, but for now, the Dorseys are taking the cautious approach by not having Tyler play on that court. Reading between the lines, if the floor isn't fixed, there's a chance that Dorsey could be transferring from Ribet by the end of the year.

Dorsey is starting to get some major interest from universities around the country, although he currently holds an offer from just Arizona, which came this past summer. He's gaining significant interest from schools throughout the south, including UTEP and Tim Floyd.

"It's still really early," Dorsey's father said. "Arizona's the school that right now is recruiting him the most. But he's getting stuff from Louisville, all over Alabama, Auburn, UCLA, USC, UTEP and Tim Floyd. Even Texas itself. Illinois is really high on him. So, he's getting some interest."

For a UCLA connection, Dorsey will be working out with Cameron and Tracy Murray this spring and summer with Prodigy Athletic. He's already started his workouts, which is dad says are going well.

"We got up early Saturday morning and went through a lot of drills," Dorsey's father said. "Shooting drills, ball handling drills, and they've been doing a lot of vertimax. They've been killing that, getting stronger."

While there was a report that Dorsey had received an offer from Oregon State, the Oregon State coaching staff has not been in contact with the Dorseys about an offer.

"Honestly, I'm not sure (if he has an offer from Oregon State)," Jared Dorsey said. "When they do it, they don't necessarily tell you specifically. I talked with somebody who said he had an offer from Oregon State, and I said, ‘That's weird, because I've never talked to Oregon State.'"

With Dorsey playing AAU ball, he and his father are planning to use the different stops on the AAU circuit as a way to take unofficial visits to various schools throughout the nation. While they haven't settled on criteria for an ultimate destination, academics will play a large role.

"Academics will be very important. Last summer, we went on a trip to Stanford and Cal Berkeley," Jared Dorsey said. "Those were his two unofficial visits. And we'll go a couple more places with this travel ball season. When we're somewhere, we're going to go to the schools in that area. When we're back east, we'll want to check out all the great schools on the east coast."

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