Robinson Eyes the Pac-12

2013 shooting guard Tyree Robinson is looking at a number of west coast schools, but recently, one Pac-12 school has seemingly stopped recruiting him...

Growing up a college hoops and Pac-10 junkie, Tyree Robinson's dream was to play for Arizona. So when the Wildcats were one of the early schools to offer him, and he took his first unofficial visit to Tucson this summer, it was like a dream come true.

But something has changed in the last few months, and Robinson isn't sure exactly what happened.

"I don't know if (Arizona's) really recruiting me any more," Robinson said. "I haven't heard from them in a long time. They were liking me this last summer, and I took a visit and everything, and they said they still liked me. But it doesn't look like they're recruiting me anymore.

I was talking to everyone, but I haven't heard from anyone lately."

With Arizona seemingly out of the picture at this time, the 2013 shooting guard's recruitment is fairly wide open, but there are a few schools standing out with the effort they're putting in with him.

"As for schools showing me the most interest, Washington has a good program, UCLA, and San Diego State are recruiting me the hardest. And Oregon. So a lot of west coast schools are recruiting me pretty hard."

Tyree and his twin brother Tyrell will be a package deal in college, with Tyrell seemingly more likely to end up playing football, although he could end up playing basketball as well. As of right now, the schools that have offered the pair include UCLA, San Diego State, Washington, Oregon, Miami, New Mexico, UNLV and Tennessee.

"Me and my brother are definitely going to the same school," Tyree Robinson said. "Whether he plays football and I play basketball, or we both play basketball. I'm not playing football."

One benefit of being twins, and being a package deal, is that the Robinsons are being recruited by both coaching staffs. Tyree said that largely, it's been the football program at Washington that's been in contact with them the most.

"I talked with coach Romar a couple of times on the phone," Tyree Robinson said. "But really, it's the football team that's been putting a word in for me and my brother. They've been down to see my brother a couple of times, so when they're down here they tell me a lot about what the basketball coach has to say. They like the way we play just because we're athletes, and physical, and everything like that."

At UCLA, Tyree has been primarily recruited by UCLA assistant coach Scott Garson, but he says he's familiar with the Bruins not only due to talking to the coaching staff, but because his former teammate, Norman Powell, is a freshman.

"I know Coach Howland is a great coach, and they're rebuilding with a lot of great recruits next year," Tyree Robinson said. "I know it's a nice school because I'm always up there to see my old teammate from last year, Norman Powell. I talk to him all the time. He said it was rough for him at first, but he's started to like it, and is learning the system and everything."

With the Pac-12 pretty heavy in his recruitment, Tyree has been paying attention to the way the season has unfolded.

"Always growing up, I always wanted to play in Pac-10, because a lot of the biggest names were in the Pac-10," Tyree Robinson said. "The Pac-10 was always one of the toughest leagues to play in. It's kind of down right now, but we plan on bringing it back."

The Robinsons are planning on narrowing down their list of schools to five or ten sometime after their basketball season is over, and Tyree said he doesn't plan on taking any more official visits until after this summer. Academics should not be a problem for the duo.

"My GPA is really good," Tyree Robinson said. "I just got a 4.0 last semester, and my overall GPA is about a 3.5. Grades are not an issue for me and my brother. That's one thing that's never been an issue."

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