Post-Arizona Game Quotes

Coach Ben Howland, Tyler Lamb, Jerime Anderson and Travis Wear comment after the loss to Arizona...

Head coach Ben Howland

On the loss:
"Obviously it is a really disappointing loss after having that lead. Fogg hit a big 3 after that big rush on their part. He played really well, like a big senior playing his last game. In the first half I thought we were blocking out really well, but to win a game on the road you have to make your foul shots. 11 for 18 is really disappointing against a good team like Arizona. Not playing man offense the last two games hurt us a lot. We went through every option but it wasn't there for us."

On the last inbounding play:
"We were looking for Jerime [Anderson]. It had worked earlier. We were going to fake the hand off and it just wasn't there."

Did the McKale atmosphere affect you?
"I didn't feel that way. It's a tough atmosphere but I didn't feel it."

Where did the momentum shift?
"There was a part where our man was fouled, I thought, but we didn't get the call and that started the momentum rolling their way. But on the road you can't expect the whistle."

Kyle Fogg's effect on the game:
"He has been really good against us for the most part. He is a really good player. He had nine rebounds in today's game. He is a great player. He was guarding our best scorer and held him really well."

On the Wear brothers:
"I thought in the first half that the Wears rebounded the ball really well, thy had 5 and 6 in the first half."

With this being the last weekend of regulation for you, what is the focus now?
"Win out next game. That's always the goal."

Players After Game:

#24 Travis Wear

On feelings after loss:
"The outcome of tonight's game was really tough. We were able to maintain the lead throughout almost the entire game, and we weren't even playing at our best. The loss really hurt."

On discrepancy between UCLA's play on good days vs. bad days:
"Even if some players are having a bad game it shouldn't effect everyone. We're a team, and we should be able to pick each other up. There is a pretty huge difference between playing our best and playing our worst, and it's something we need to work on."

On Kyle Fogg:
"He was able to hit some open shots and some big shots. He played more aggressively in the second half especially, and just pulled away and played when Arizona needed him most."

#5 Jerime Anderson

General game thoughts:
"We had a lot of success earlier in the game, but it really came down to the turnovers. I think if I could've hit that three right off of the fake handoff it would've made a difference on the outcome."

"During a game, especially like this one, I'm just trying to make big shots to help the team to win. I could care less if I score 40 points in a game or three points in a game – I'm just trying to help my team get that ‘W.'"

"I don't think that this was an insurmountable loss. We were able to hold the loss to two points. A main goal is always to give ourselves the opportunity to come back and put ourselves into scoring position. Tonight we were able to do that."

On discrepancy between UCLA's play on good days vs. bad days:
"I just think we've been searching the whole year for consistency. It's tough to try to win on the road. You don't get calls that you want, and I think it throws people off of their game and effects how they play. It's something that we've been struggling with all season."

On Kyle Fogg:
"Like I've said before, when he goes, they go. He really gained momentum, especially in the second half. He started making shots and free throws, and you could tell the energy was increasing in the team. He's a good player; always has been. He's one of my close friends, and I wish him success in everything."

#1 Tyler Lamb

General game thoughts:
"Arizona was able to get a couple of key baskets in, and we kept turning the ball over. When you're playing against a good team like this you can't have mistakes like that. The game came down to the wire, and we made some costly mistakes. Arizona did what they needed to do to get the win."

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