Talifero Talks Bruin Junior Day

The Duarte (Calif.) linebacker, Denzel Talifero, has a good time in Westwood at UCLA's Junior Day...

Duarte (Calif.) linebacker Denzel Talifero was one of a number of guests at UCLA's Junior Day on Sunday, and it was an enjoyable experience for Talifero.

"It was great," said Talifero. "The campus and the facilities are real nice and kept up really good."

Talifero has one offer, from SMU, which he received when he was a sophomore from then-offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, now at UCLA.

But it was Demetrice Martin, a Muir alum, where Talifero played as a junior, who he spent much of his time with as well as linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich.

While no offer came, he said he got some dialogue going with the coaches.

"They're almost all brand new coaches so I just basically started to meet them and talk to my position coach, Coach Ulbrich, and gave them my film and transcripts and we'll see how it works out," said Talifero.

And Talifero got to talk briefly with head coach Jim Mora.

"I didn't talk to Coach Mora very much but he was cool and seemed like he had it all together and knows what he wants to do with the new UCLA team he is going to be coaching," said Talifero.

Last week, Talifero announced he was transferring to Duarte from Muir, where he'd played the past two years, but had controversy with a coaching change, opting for a more stable situation at Duarte.

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