Dorsey High Comes to JR Day

Reggie Bell, Jayme Otomewo, Delvon Hardaway, and Daquawn Brown took in UCLA's Junior Day on Sunday, with recruiting coordinator Ivan Stephenson...

There was a solid contingent of Dorsey players at UCLA Junior Day on Sunday, with defensive backs Jayme Otomewo and Daquawn Brown, wide receiver Delvon Hardaway, and quarterback Reggie Bell all arriving on campus with Coach Ivan Stephenson, Dorsey‘s recruiting coordinator.

Stephenson, who's been taking players to UCLA's Junior Day for years, has started to notice a shift in the UCLA way of doing things.

"There are some definite differences between Coach Neuheisel in his tenure, and now with Coach Mora," Stephenson said. "With Coach Mora and his staff, they're really trying to get over being the ‘typical UCLA.' They've gone out and gotten a great recruiting staff that's getting after it. They've got guys who have good relationships with the programs in the LA area."

Coach Eric Yarber has been handling the city, and Dorsey, but Stephenson says that they've been in touch with all three of the star recruiters on UCLA's staff.

"You've got Coach Yarber, who's big in the city, and you've got Coach Martin who's big in the Pasadena, Inland Empire area," Stephenson said. "And then you've got Coach Klemm, who's becoming one of the best recruiters in the business. So I believe they've hired guys who really have a name in the business, and really have a name in L.A., and it's started to make a huge mark on the talent in the area.

"Coach Mora didn't just hire a bunch of names, he went and hired a bunch of guys who are at the top of what they do."

As for the visit, Stephenson said his players enjoyed their time on campus, and that Brown and Otomewo in particular got to have some one on one time with Martin.

"The visit went well," Stephenson said. "It was a really good experience to go check out the campus. Jayme and Daquawn both got a chance to speak with Coach Martin, one on one. Reggie and Delvon also got a chance to talk with Coach Yarber. And all the coaches said they're going to be recruiting them hard and evaluating them throughout the spring."

Currently, Brown is the only one of the four with an offer, thanks to an offer from Wazzu last week, but Stephenson said he expects that Otomewo and Brown will both start seeing more offers coming in.

"Jayme is probably the next guy on the list," Stephenson said. "He's been receiving calls from a lot of Pac-12 schools, such as Colorado and ASU. So right now our two hot guys are Jayme and Daquawn."

The plan for Stephenson from here will be to go to San Diego State's Junior Day, and then possibly a Junior Day at ASU.

"We just have to see how it fits in the schedule," Stephenson said. "We're going to also try to get to some campus camps during the spring, to get in front of the coaches a little bit, and let them see them run."

Stephenson already took his guys to USC's Junior Day, and said that Otomewo and Brown are hearing some interest from the Trojans.

"I got a call from SC the other day, and they want to see them in camp," Stephenson said. "They haven't offered yet, because they want to take a look at people in camp, and be very careful with their offers given the scholarship situation over there .They only have 15, so they want to make sure they're not offering kids they won't be able to take."

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