Goodman on UCLA Junior Day

Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) defensive back Tahaan Goodman attended his third Junior Day this month on Sunday when he checked out UCLA. The safety had already visited USC and Cal for Junior Day event...

It's a great year for safety talent out West and Tahaan Goodman takes a backseat to no one in the region. He has every tool you're looking for in a college safety and has tremendous upside. He plays downhill, attacks the line of scrimmage and is a huge hitter. He's extremely athletic and can play the pass as well as the run.

"UCLA was all right, I liked it there," Goodman said. "It's a nice place and the coaches all seem like nice guys. Coach Mora is a good guy and I got along well with the rest of the staff as well. The facilities were just OK for me and there were so many players, I didn't get to spend as much time with the coaches as I would have liked.

"I talked with Demetrice Martin a little and I liked him a lot. UCLA is in a beautiful location and I might try and go back another time when I can spend more time with the staff. I had to leave a little early since I had a workout to get to so I'm sure that's another reason why the overall experience wasn't as good as it could have been but like I said, can always try and get back there another time."

In comparing the three Junior Days, California made the biggest impression on Goodman.

"USC had even more players there than UCLA," Goodman said. "So it was kind of tough to talk with the staff as much. At Cal, there was only like 30 players and we got so much personal attention on the tours and the presentation. Plus the facilities were incredible and I just got a really good vibe about the place.

"I thought USC might offer at the Junior Day but they said they want me to camp with them first. That was a little disappointing to be honest because I know they have offered a few other safeties and I guess I'm not as high on their list as those guys. That's all right, I have some other good options and if USC decides later on to offer, I'll still consider them."

Goodman said he has no plans to make an early decision and wants to take all his visits before committing anywhere.

"I was just offered by Hawaii today and that's a place I think would be fun to visit," Goodman said. "I might take unofficial visits to both Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Nebraska, Oklahoma, Washington and Arizona State have all offered and I'm interested in visiting all those schools as well.

"As for the schools who haven't offered yet, I'm very interested in Alabama, Oregon and LSU. All three are great schools and hopefully they offer because I would love to check them out. Right now, I'm looking for a school that is great academically and a place where I'll be comfortable living at for the next four years of my life."

Greg Biggins has been covering recruiting for over 15 years, covering the West since the mid-1990's and currently serves as a national analyst for
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