Grant Picks Up Offer at Junior Day

After landing his first offer last week, Ontario (Calif.) Colony athlete Samajie Grant picked up offer No. 2 after attending UCLA's Junior Day on Sunday...

Samajie Grant is an explosive athlete who is getting looks at both receiver and corner but will likely play on the offensive side of the ball. Arizona offered just last week and now you can add the Bruins to the mix.

"It was an awesome experience," Grant said. "The whole day was great but getting that offer was obviously the high point for me. It happened at the very end of the day when I thought we were all done. I was sitting there ready to leave and I was told to hold tight because Coach Mora wanted to talk to me.

"He pulled me a side and said they were offering a scholarship and he wanted me to be a Bruin. I was very excited but I'm not ready to make an early decision. I have to go through the process and my coach told me he wants everything done the right way."

As for the Junior Day itself, Grant said a lot of things stood out apart from just the new offer.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Yarber, the receiver coach and he's a good guy and a great coach," Grant said. "I like his form of coaching, he's all about fundamentals and trying to make you better. He said speed comes from your mom and dad but he can take it from there and make me a better player.

"I also like the student help they get there, they have like three different tutoring halls and UCLA is a very strong academic school as well. Overall, I had a great time and UCLA is definitely high on my list. It's them and Arizona right at the top but I'm not closing any doors right now."

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