2014 Intro: QB Brandon Dawkins

Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian quarterback Brandon Dawkins, who enjoyed a successful sophomore season, is spending the off-season getting stronger and hoping to attract his first scholarship offer...

Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian quarterback Brandon Dawkins is only a sophomore, but in his first season as the starter, has already proven that he's capable of taking a team far.

Dawkins, who led a fairly young team to an 11-3, is preparing to have an even more dynamic season as a junior and has been working hard with his team during the off-season.

"We had a lot of young guys last season and we were not as prepared mentally like the juniors and seniors who have been through it all already, like Jordan Payton and Ishmael Adams. A lot of the younger kids were scared to go out there, so now we just need to improve on a few things and keep being hungry," he said.

Though the Lions do have a lot of players returning, they're losing three key players from both sides of the ball.

"We're losing three big guys: Adams, Payton, and Carlos Mendoza. We have a lot of people coming in, people who have been working hard out here at the 1925 camps during the off-season, and we're going to be good next year."

The quarterback, who is currently 6'4" and 195 lbs., credits his size as one of his biggest strengths at the position.

"My arm and my height are two of my biggest strengths as a quarterback. A lot of people give me a second look because there I'm a bigger quarterback. I was just blessed with height, thank the Lord, so that's one of the big things!" he laughs.

Though height is obviously a matter of genes, Dawkins is working to put on extra weight before the 2012 season begins.

"I'm hoping to get up to 210 by season. I'm working really hard to get there," he said.

For Dawkins, recruiting hasn't taken off quite yet, though he has had some contact with major programs.

"The main schools I've been talking to are Alabama and UCLA, but no offers yet. I'm hoping for some! I went to Alabama's camp last summer and the coach told me he really liked me and was hoping I'd have a good season, and I did, so I'm just hoping that he sees that and that he offers me this year," he said.

Aside from off-season workouts, Dawkins has been keeping busy training with the 1925 All-Stars 7-on-7 camp.

"7-on-7 has helped out because it's good to get with a lot of receivers. At school, you obviously have receivers that you are used to, so it's good to get out here and get with receivers you aren't used to, so you can work with players of different sizes and speeds. You have to control where you're throwing the ball, and that's really good to do out here," he said.

Dawkins doesn't have any visits planned for the next few months, but instead is continuing to work on other aspects of the game to ensure he's prepared for his junior season.

"I'm really working on reading coverages. It's one of the things I had a little bit of trouble with this past year and coming out here to camp and seeing all this Division-I talent, it's good to come out here and play against them," he said.

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