Lopez Has Four Offers, Will Take Visits

Orange (Calif.) Lutheran offensive guard John Lopez holds four offers and is hoping to make some visits this off-season...

Orange (Calif.) Lutheran boasts big linemen and offensive guard John Lopez is no exception.

The 6'5", 310 lb. player is a fluid competitor on the field and college programs have taken notice.

"Recruiting has been pretty fun the last couple of weeks. I've gotten three new offers: Colorado, Florida State, and Washington. They all seem pretty fun," he said.

Lopez also holds an offer from UCLA, but isn't yet able to rank programs in any sort of order.

"There aren't any schools on the top of my list yet, but there might be down the road. I might be taking some trips to see where I like the most," he said.

Though Lopez is hoping to make plans to take some visits, nothing official has been planned.

"I don't have any plans set yet, but I'll more than likely go see USC and UCLA because they are local and we can just drive down. It's just up to my parents to see if we visit out of state," he said.

Aside from a strong football program, Lopez, who maintains a 3.5 GPA, is hoping to find a school that has a good business program.

"I like business and think I might major in it, so a good business school would be at the top of my list," he said.

Aside from looking at programs and training at B2G Instinct Training Camps, Lopez is spending time during the off-season working with his teammates, which is especially important as the Lancers are in a unique situation.

"We don't have a coach right now, so administration is doing their search for a coach and our strength coach is just working us out, keeping us strong, and doing some speed work. Basic stuff," he said.

Lopez, one of the team's leaders, is hoping that the Lancers can improve upon their 6-4 record from the previous season.

"This year, we really want to focus on execution. Last year, we knew we had the talent, but it was all coming down to execution, like 'oh, we missed one block on that play' or 'the receiver didn't get his job done over here.' The little things in the game just added up. This year, as a team, we need to execute," he said.

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