Spring Preview: Brehaut Interview

We talked with Richard Brehaut about dropping baseball for the month to focus on football, how he feels about the new offense, and whether he feels like he got off on the wrong foot with the new coaches...

Q: Going into spring ball, I guess the big question is whether you're going to be participating.

A: Yes, I will be fully committed to spring football. I'm going to set baseball down kind of like I did last year and be 100% into spring football.

Q: How's baseball been going?

A: It's good, it's good. We're doing really well. I haven't gotten really a lot of opportunities, but I'm not discouraged. I'm still working and still waiting for my opportunity. But it's going well. We've got a great team this year and very high expectations, so it's been fun being part of a team that's just competitive day in and day out. It's good to be around.

Q: Is the goal with baseball to kind of keep your feet wet in the sport so you can ultimately get drafted?

A: Yeah, that's exactly what it is. I'm trying to get there every day, in order to have that opportunity later down the line to pursue baseball. And hopefully get drafted, like you said. So I'm out there just trying to be a better catcher every day and just learn things and pick up certain stuff from the guys in front of me just so I can get better and, kind of like you said, keep my feet wet, exactly.

Q: So did you participate in any of the offseason workouts with the football team, or have you been fully doing baseball?

A: I've been fully, 100% baseball over the last couple of months, so I've been working out over there. But once spring practice starts, I'll be fully committed to football through the entirety of spring ball.

Q: Moving to football, obviously there's an entirely new coaching staff. Have you had much time to talk with Coach Mazzone?

A: Yeah, I've met with Coach Mazzone a bunch. I really like what I see out of this system. It's simple but it's really effective, and as long as you know who we're trying to play off of, as long as you know what the goal is for that given play, and who your read is and what you're reading, it's simple and it's nice. I like what I've seen so far.

Q: How nice is it to be part of an offense that's not so dependent on foot speed?

A: [Laughs] Well, as you know, for me that's quite nice. That's not really my forte, running the pistol, so it's nice to have an offense where I can throw the ball around a little bit more. It seems to fit my skill set a little bit better. I've always thought I'm more of a pocket passer, a guy who can kind of really throw the ball and with this offense, that's something that you really have to have, as a quarterback. It's that arm, and you have to know exactly what you're doing on every play. We're moving fast, so you've got to know where guys have got to be. It's quick tempo, but I really like the opportunity to throw the ball a lot more and that's exciting for me. I'm really excited to get out to practice so I can learn a little more hands on about the offense and what we'll be doing.

Q: Not to get too deeply into it, but did you worry that you'd kind of gotten off on the wrong foot with the coaching staff after the eligibility issue with the bowl game?

A: You know, I had met with Coach Mora right when he got here and he told me that every person on this team, despite what's happened in the past, is getting a clean slate. So that's what I kind of thought going into this, and that's what I'm going to go with going forward.

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