The Latest with Tee Shepard

The former five-star cornerback, Tee Shepard, is making the rounds to a number of Pac-12 schools and was at UCLA on Thursday...

Since his departure from Notre Dame last month, Tee Shepard has visited Washington State and then was at UCLA on Thursday.

Before he finalizes where he'll end up, Shepard will visit USC and Washington.

Shepard's coach, Tony Perry, joined him in Westwood on Thursday.

"Tee had a good time, he thought it was cool and liked it there and everything about it," said Perry. "He likes Coach (Jim) Mora and Coach (Demetrice) Martin."

Shepard got to see UCLA's second practice of the spring.

"He liked the tempo and when he watched practice, he saw Eric Kendricks and Tevin McDonald, and knows that they give those Fresno guys a lot of run. He likes the new staff and their practices and how they had it pumped out there," said Perry.

Perry said he also had a good visit to Washington State.

"He liked it up there too at Washington State," said Shepard. "He's just looking for the best place for him."

After returning from South Bend back to Fresno, Perry said that Shepard realizes he wants to be on the West Coast.

"Notre Dame was Notre Dame and that's why he signed there but he wants to stay close to home and play in the Pac-12 and now the chance to play in the Pac-12 is what he's looking for," said Perry.

Perry said that Shepard will visit USC soon for their spring game as well as UCLA again for a scrimmage and will likely visit Washington at some point.

Shepard was a five-star prospect, ranked #3 nationally in the 2012 class.

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