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The Salt Lake City (Utah) Cottonwood quarterback, Cooper Bateman, could visit UCLA this spring...

Cooper Bateman kicked off his visit by traveling to LSU. From there, Bateman headed to Alabama, Auburn and Florida.

"All the trips were incredible," Bateman said. "I really didn't know what to expect coming from Utah but all four schools are incredible and I had a great time at each schools.

"I'm planning to make my decision in the summer, without taking official visits, so I used these unofficial visits to really see the campus, meet the coaches and see how the academics are as well. I want to be comfortable with all aspects of the program and I think I have a great feel for every school that I visited."


"I spent two whole days at LSU and it was incredible," Bateman said. "This was the one school I spent more than one day at and the thing that stood out was the fan support. They had 45,000 fans for their spring game and the stadium is insane there. I can only imagine what it would be like to play in an actual game there.

"They have a great coaching staff and my mom and I were really comfortable with them. We had dinner with Coach Miles and his family and it was really cool to get to know him on a personal level. I also got to sit in on the quarterback meetings and talked a lot with coach Kragthorpe and Studrawa and that was great as well."


"The history and tradition at Alabama really jumps out at you," Bateman said. "No one can really match that and I loved the facilities and the campus. I had a pre-conceived idea of what the school would look like, kind of flat and not much there. Honestly, it's the prettiest campus I've ever seen with trees everywhere and I know I would be comfortable living there.

"I sat down with Coach Saban and honestly, it was a little intimidating, not going to lie. He's basically a living legend and meeting him in person was an honor for sure. My mom and I let him do most of the talking and he really didn't talk much about football. He talked more about the academics there and how he expects his players to act.

"He demands respect and we saw that. Some players came up and they would take their hat off when they met my mom and that really impressed her. I spent the most time with Coach Nussmeier and I can't say enough good things about him. I like the way he coaches the quarterbacks and how fired up he gets and how he carries himself. He lets the guys know when they mess up but also lets them know when they do the right thing and is just a real high energy and I like him a lot."


"Auburn was similar to Alabama in terms of the campus and general feel and vibe I got," Bateman said. "I loved how nice the campus was, it's a pure college town and just a beautiful place. When I was making the drive down there, it's just a beautiful place with great facilities as well.

"Coach Loeffler is my main contact there and we have a good relationship. He's new to the program and said he wants to bring in his guy and said he would enjoy working with me. He didn't say if I was the top guy on his board or anything and I never asked. He did say there are some guys that he knows he can't click with but he feels like he could definitely click with me and I felt the same way, I was very comfortable there."


"The city of Gainesville is awesome," Bateman said. "It's definitely unique and nothing like the other schools. It's a huge school with a huge campus but downtown Gainesville wasn't too big, it's just an awesome place.

"There are a lot of cool places to eat there, I had the best food I've ever had there. The weather was great and I met some great people. Coach Muschamp is a high energy guy and he's open about that. We watched some highlights and it was fun to see how fired up he gets.

"It was also cool to meet up with Coach Pease again. He's the new OC from Boise State and I actually took a visit there when they played TCU last year so I'm already comfortable with him. He's an awesome guy and will do great things with the offense."

Bateman has one more visit scheduled but said he could take two trips before it's decision time.

"I'm going to Washington April 28 for Junior Day/Spring game," Bateman said. "This is my first time visiting the school but my parents have been before and they love Seattle. In fact, were going to come up a day earlier and stay an extra day to visit the city.

"I have a lot of respect for Coach Sarkisian and all the success he has had developing quarterbacks. I don't even know the total numbers of quarterbacks he has tutored that are now in the NFL but it's a lot. Tosh Lupoi is my main recruiter and he's awesome. He's known as one of the best recruiters around and I can see why because he's just an awesome guy.

"If I have time, I may take a visit to UCLA too. They just offered two of our players and they're going down to visit with two of our coaches and I might go down with them. UCLA is actually my most recent offer and I heard the campus is nice and it's a great academic school so I'm just going to play it by ear."

As for a timeline of when he'll make his decision, Bateman said he's looking at sometime in June or July.

"Once I know, I won't waste anyone's time," Bateman said. "I'm not ready to name any favorites though and don't even want to say which visit I enjoyed the most. I think that would be disrespectful to all the schools recruiting me to single anyone out.

"Every school has their pros and cons and there is always going to be things you like and dislike. Once I'm down with my visits, I'll sit down and sort things out and pick a school. There won't be any press conferences, that's just not me. I'll call all the coaches who recruited me and I'm already dreading having to tell some of the schools I won't be going there. Then I'll call up the school I'm choosing and commit. It will be as simple as that but right now, I really don't know, it's going to be very tough."

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