Tuesday Practice Report

The quarterbacks have a tough day, Torian White gets some time at right tackle, and the list of injured continues to grow longer...

The most notable aspect of practice Tuesday: There were 26 players missing from the field because of injury. We've heard that they've actually run out of stationary bikes for the injured to use during practice.

Naturally, after Tracy Pierson wrote his offensive line story today saying that Torian White should get a shot at right tackle, Torian White was with the 1's today at right tackle. He had a bit of a rough start, getting a false start in his second rep during team drills, but after that, he settled down. He's obviously got some work to do, being about 280 pounds, but he had some good moments blocking both Keenan Graham and Owamagbe Odighizuwa.

In a continuation from Saturday, Jeff Baca got the majority of the first team reps at center. He had a few low snaps, but it's really kind of amazing how versatile he is, that he can just fill in at any spot on the line. Behind him, Tre Hale and Jacob Brendel split the snaps with the 2's.

The second string also saw a bit of a shakeup. Ben Wysocki got a shot at left tackle, and didn't look particularly mobile, and on the right side, Kody Innes was slotted at right guard. Innes looks small, and got pushed around quite a bit during team drills.

On the quarterback front, Brett Hundley and Richard Brehaut were probably the best on the day, but neither was exceptional. Hundley looked great through the individual periods, but once they got into 11 on 11, he struggled, and actually looked like he lost a little velocity on his throws. Brehaut struggled during the 7 on 7 and during the 2 minute at the end of practice. During the 2 minute, the defense got the best of the offense, with Graham and Damien Holmes frequently getting into the back field to disrupt timing.

To round out the trio, Kevin Prince didn't look good in individual periods, but moved the offense the best during the 2 minute (go figure), hitting a wide open touchdown pass to Devin Lucien to close out the period. Prince had accuracy issues all day, in a continuation from his poor play on Saturday. Hundley did not get reps during the 2 minute period.

The defensive front seven was dominant during the 2 minute, consistently getting pressure on both Prince and Brehaut. Pass rush does not appear like it'll be a problem, but developing a credible run defense has proven a bit more difficult. Steven Manfro, Jordon James, and Dalton Hilliard all took turns gashing the defense during team periods, repeatedly getting to the second level more or less untouched.

Steven Manfro continues to impress. He's got such a low center of gravity that he's tough to tackle, and he combines that by being shifty and quick. He had a couple of runs during live periods where he was able to get 10+ yards after contact.

Injuries are starting to mount considerably. Jerry Johnson sat out practice with a quad injury, which might have come after falling during his big catch in 1 on 1‘s on Saturday. Johnathan Franklin returned to practicing fully, and didn't look worse for wear. But aside from him, the injuries remained the same.

Librado Barocio went down with a knee injury during team drills, but Coach Mora didn't seem to think it was serious after practice. With him out, Brandon Sermons got some work at safety. Sermons had a cast on his right hand, which Mora addresses in the post practice interview.

Defensively, the secondary is depleted, but they actually seemed to get the better of the somewhat depleted wide receivers during one on one's. With Johnson and Ricky Marvray out, Shaquelle Evans and Devin Lucien had pretty quiet days. Sheldon Price's side generally just doesn't get thrown to, and he covered Evans most of the day.

The offense false started five times during team drills, with two of them on Devin Lucien. Lucien seemed to have a bit of a tough day. During team drills, he was generally matched up against Anthony Jefferson, who got the best of him. Jefferson looked better than he has all spring today, really pressing Lucien and playing him tightly. The big trick for him will be keeping receivers pressed within the first ten yards, because he's still not mobile enough to handle receivers in the open field.

Lucien did have one kind of awesome play where he caught a short pass and then completely bowled over Erick Zumwalt on his way to the end zone.

The running back rotation seems to be firming up around Franklin, Malcolm Jones, and Manfro. Dalton Hilliard, Jordon James and Damien Thigpen are, in some order the 4th, 5th, and 6th guys, so you have to imagine that they'll start to think about putting Hilliard back in the depleted secondary. The issue, of course, is that Hilliard is looking better and better at running back, just not good enough to supplant the top three.

Long Beach (Calif.) Jordan wide receiver John Ross was in attendance at practice, and Eric Yarber showed him a great deal of love.

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