Quessenberry Visits UCLA

The Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon offensive lineman, Scott Quessenberry, was at UCLA this weekend and talks about his time in Westwood...

Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon offensive lineman Scott Quessenberry (6-4, 265) is holding seven offers and thinks a few more could be making their way to him during the spring.

"My offers are Wisconsin, Nebraska, UCLA, Arizona, San Diego State, SMU and Washington State," said Quessenberry. "I think possibly an Oregon offer could come too. I've been talking with Coach (Steve) Greatwood a lot. And also Colorado and Arizona State could be offering."

Quessenberry said that two schools have been recruiting him harder than most.

"I'd say probably UCLA and Wisconsin are recruiting me the hardest," said Quessenberry.

Quessenberry visited UCLA over the weekend and will head to Wisconsin next weekend.

"I went up to UCLA (on Saturday) and it was definitely cool," said Quessenberry. "They had a real live practice and there was pretty good hitting. I definitely like what I saw from Coach (Adrian) Klemm and how I fit in there. I know Coach Klemm is going to be coming down during the spring to see me again."

Next will be a visit to Wisconsin.

"I'm going to Wisconsin this coming Friday and I'll be there for their Spring Game," said Quessenberry. "I'm really looking forward to it. I know they're coming to see me the week after their spring game."

Quessenberry's only other visit has been to San Diego State, but he'd like to check out a few more schools.

"I went and saw San Diego State when they offered me," said Quessenberry. "I want to see a few more schools. I'll probably take most of my official visits and I think I'll save my official visits for the out-of-state schools."

Quessenberry has a brother that plays at Navy and La Costa Canyon has sent players to Oklahoma, Utah and Michigan in the past few years.

"I could definitely leave the state for college. Distance and weather is not a factor. I want to go to the best school for me," said Quessenberry. "My brother is at Navy so leaving the state is not a big deal."

Quessenberry said a number of schools would be coming in to see him in the coming weeks, with Nebraska stopping by on Monday and Washington State and Stanford with immediate plans to.

"Coach (Lance) Anderson (from Stanford) is coming the first week of May and Washington State is coming really soon. USC is coming down soon and I know they want to see my play," said Quessenberry. "With Stanford, we're on a good basis, but they have a big offensive line class coming in so I have to see where I stand with them."

Quessenberry doesn't anticipate making an early decision.

"It won't be too early," said Quessenberry. "I definitely would like to do it no later than during the season because I don't want it to be a distraction."

Quessenberry is planning to attend the Oakland NFTC with other camps potentially on the docket.

"I'm going to the Nike Camp in Oakland, and hopefully I'll get an invite to The Opening," said Quessenberry. "Erik (Magnuson, his LCC teammate), went last year and said it was great and he really took a lot of things technique-wise from it. I would like to do the same."

With Magnuson headed to Ann Arbor, Quessenberry will switch from right tackle to left, to fill the hole left by Magnuson. But he continues to hear he'll end up inside in college.

"Everyone is telling me guard, but it would be cool to get a little taller and play tackle," said Quessenberry. "But I'm fine with playing guard."

Academically, Quessenberry has a 3.8 GPA and will the SAT in the spring.

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