Tuesday Practice Report

Tuesday's practice is a less physical affair than previous practices, no quarterback emerges, and the team practices some more situational football...

Practice Tuesday was a much less physical affair than it has been throughout spring ball. There was very little live hitting, which stands to reason, with the number of guys out. Even the 11 on 11, which usually was full tackle throughout the early spring, was primarily non-contact.

The Bruins actually had a few guys return to practice after sitting out. Greg Capella and Tre Hale both donned pads, but did little beyond individual work. Jason Stewart, Mike Orloff, and Damien Thigpen also all returned to pads, but as Coach Mora talks about, Thigpen is continuing to nurse a sore groin, and sat out the back half of practice. Aaron Wallace was at practice but not in pads. Patrick Larimore, who has a concussion, did not make it out to practice.

The Bruins did a lot of special teams work, and it's pretty clear that Coach Mora wasn't kidding about practicing situational football. The drills included goal line punts, goal line punts late in the game, blocked punts, and so on. Shaquelle Evans took the majority of the punts, but Coach Ulbrich said afterward that they're not really close to settling on a punt returner, and that's probably the kind of thing that would wait until midway through fall.

It's kind of crazy to say, but it seems like Jeff Locke's leg has gotten even stronger. He was consistently booming 55+ yarders in individual drills and during team stuff. The ball just makes an entirely different sound off of his foot.

The quarterback competition again didn't really have a clear leader, again due to some fairly lackluster play. Kevin Prince had a pretty rough day, throwing two interceptions, one a really under thrown ball during the last period of 11 on 11. He was probably the worst of the big three today, but Richard Brehaut and Brett Hundley didn't exactly run away with it. Hundley was off during both of his early periods of 11 on 11, although he threw a pass to Jordon James for a touchdown out of the back field that was really just a cool looking play (which we can't share the details of).

James got quite a few reps today, and he made an absolute sick cut in the flat that pretty much buckled the ankles of a defender (who will remain nameless).

Brehaut didn't get quite as many snaps as Hundley, Prince, or even Jerry Neuheisel, but I wouldn't take much from that, since Noel Mazzone likes to even out the snaps between days. Brehaut didn't get reps in the initial period of 11 on 11, but looked good in his final period, connecting on each of his passes.

Neuheisel, who looked decent in 7 on 7, had a tougher time during the 11 on 11, throwing a really wobbly interception to Anthony Jefferson that was actually tipped a few yards before that by Aramide Olaniyan.

Jerry Johnson continues to make plays, this time displaying some pretty great body control reeling in a wayward Prince pass near the sideline during 11 on 11. If there's one guy who really has benefited from a change in coaching staffs, it's Johnson.

The first and second string offensive lines remained much the same, and there seemed to be a very intense focus on playing error free ball. During early team drills, Mazzone got into the entire offense about playing with more focus, and not having so many silly false start penalties, which have been a difficulty for the offense this spring.

In that same vein, Adrian Klemm is demanding more from the offensive linemen. After Ben Wysocki missed a block on Aramide Olaniyan, who would have had a sack, Klemm made him do up-downs for the next five minutes or so.

Practice ran a little short, without the live 11 on 11 periods from the last few weeks. Right before the final period of 11 on 11, the coaching staff had the entire team running sprints across the field. You can kind of see why coaching staffs fall in love with Damien Holmes- he ran those sprints full throttle, and tends to do everything at just about maximum effort.

Joe Roberts continues to take the field goals at the end of practice. Today he was 3 of 4, and had a couple of nice looking kicks and a couple of ugly ones. One of the ugly ones, a sidewinder, actually managed to clear the cross bar.

Luca Bruno, the defensive line prospect from Oak Park, Calif., attended practice.

Former BRO correspondent and noted luminary Robert Kuwada was in the house.

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