Two-Sport Standout

San Diego (Calif.) Lincoln athlete Tyrell Robinson plans to play football and basketball and UCLA is a school where he could have that opportunity...

While his twin brother has been thought more as a basketball-first, football-second guy, San Diego (Calif.) Lincoln athlete Tyrell Robinson (6-2, 195), has always planned to be a football-first athlete in college.

Just as long as he too got to play basketball.

Robinson, like his twin brother Tyree, has a host of offers, and most schools have indicated that they want both brothers and to play both sports.

"Recruiting has been hectic, with a lot of offers and getting offered for both," said Robinson.

Robinson's offers come from California, Colorado, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oregon, San Diego State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, UCLA, Washington and Washington State, nearly all for football and basketball, with additional interest from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas for both sports.

"Pretty much every college we talk to, they said we can play both sports, and that we're prospects for both sports," said Robinson. "I'm just an athlete, so I want to play both sports. I've been playing basketball my whole life, and I've played football all my life and I love the competition and I have a lot of love for the games so I want to keep playing both."

Robinson said he's wide open, with no leader yet, but three schools have been more aggressive in recruiting him than others.

"Oregon, Washington and San Diego State have probably been the most heavily recruiting us," said Robinson. "They've been the main ones we've been hearing from the most. No one is leading, but everyone is standing out."

Like Tyree has stated, Tyrell insists the two will go to the same school.

"We're a package deal," said Robinson. "We came out of the womb together, we're with each other till the end together. We've been playing together all of our life."

Tyrell said that he's got a couple of positions in mind for college.

"I'd like to play either outside linebacker or free safety," said Robinson. "My strengths are my quickness and my ability to jump and just being a complete athlete. My weakness is really just coming up with a few more pounds and getting stronger."

The two will play AAU basketball this summer and are not in any real rush to make a decision on their collegiate future.

"We'll probably make our decision like during football season," said Robinson. "We'll narrow it down through the season. We're going to take official visits, but we don't know where yet to. We'll take two to the West Coast and one to the other side of the country."

A number of schools have been by Lincoln this spring to see the Robinson twins, and more.

"We've had a handful of coaches watching us practice, but it's not just us, we have more athletes here," said Robinson. "This might be the best senior class Lincoln has had. We've had coaches from UCLA, Arizona, Colorado State, Notre Dame and Arizona State come to watch us practice and Oregon and Washington have come by the school."

At some point, Robinson knows a decision may need to be made on which sport he'll focus on. But it's not one he's ready to answer.

"That's still an unknown question, because I love both dearly," said Robinson. "We'll make that decision later."

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