Dakarai Allen Talks UCLA Visit

Dakarai Allen talks about how his visit to UCLA went, what he's hearing from the coaches in terms of an offer, and how he did during the Pangos All American Camp...

2013 small forward Dakarai Allen got a chance to head up to UCLA this weekend, while in town for the Pangos All American Camp, but he's still waiting on an offer.

"I had a great time on my visit," Allen said. "I talked with Coach Howland, but spent most of the time talking with Coach Matthews.

"They told me again that they want me to shoot more, that's the big thing they want me doing this summer."

Allen, who previously has said he isn't comfortable hunting shots, was a defensive standout over the weekend of the camp, although it wasn't hard to stand out defensively among the campers. Generally, there wasn't much defense, or passing, or screening going on, so it wasn't exactly Allen's ideal environment to show off his game.

"Yeah, this isn't really where I thrive," Allen said. "But I still try to play defense. Whenever I'm out on the court, I take pride in trying to lock up the best player on the other team."

Allen and Zach LaVine seemed chummy during camp, chatting with each other for a few minutes prior to the start of the second round of games.

Allen said both of his visits went well this weekend, as he headed up to USC as well. He also reiterated that at this point, he's not sure when he'll be making a decision as to which school he'll be attending.

"I'm still undecided on that," Allen said. "I have to wait to see which schools offer, and then where I visit, and that sort of thing. So I'm really not sure when I'll decide."

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