LaVine Discusses His Visit

2013 guard Zach LaVine visited UCLA on Friday while in town for the Pangos All American Camp, and the best part of the visit was meeting another player...

In the last six months Zach LaVine has gone from favoring UCLA, to opening his recruitment, to once again having UCLA in the driver's seat. And with every conversation, it seems increasingly more apparent that Westwood has the inside track to be his destination.

This past weekend, while in town for the Pangos All American Camp, LaVine visited UCLA unofficially, for the first time since last year, when he briefly visited campus. LaVine headed up to Westwood on Friday, before the start of camp.

"It was a great visit," LaVine said. "The campus is really nice, and I got to meet with the head academic support guy, which was really cool."

LaVine also met with the coaching staff, including coach Howland, with whom he spent a good deal of time.

But, even taking into account the trappings of his unofficial visit, what most impressed LaVine on the visit was another player.

"Norman Powell is a great guy," LaVine said. "He's probably the coolest guy I've met during this recruitment at UCLA. It was really great meeting him."

LaVine has pretty consistently said that he's going to wait until after the AAU season before he decides on a college destination, and when we spoke with him on Saturday, he kept on message.

"I'm probably still waiting until August to make my decision," LaVine said. "I want to wait until after summer basketball."

He said that he hadn't gotten much pressure from the coaching staff to commit early. But, given the heavy lean, there's no guarantee that the commitment will wait until August.

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