Chatman Gathering Some Interest

Kameron Chatman, who transferred to Long Beach Poly this season, has begun to get increased attention from some Pac-12 schools as he continues to grow...

2014 small forward Kameron Chatman, who transferred to Long Beach Poly this spring from Portland, has had an easy adjustment getting used to a new team this spring, being pretty familiar with one of its chief components, having played with Jordan Bell in AAU ball this past year.

"Yeah, I've gotten a good sense of what he does and he's gotten a good sense of what I do, so it's good that we'll be playing with each other every day, heading into fall and all that," Chatman said. "The transfer's been going good. It's been a smooth transition so far. We're in spring league right now, so we're just practicing and getting some little games in right now."

Chatman looked like he's about 6'4 or so this weekend, but he's got long arms and a young looking face. He sees himself as a bit of a point guard/wing hybrid at this point, but could see himself growing out of that.

"My position is probably going to change this season depending on matchups and stuff," Chatman said. "Hopefully I get a little bit taller, but if it comes down to it ever, I can play point guard, so it'll be all right either way."

In terms of his recruitment, Chatman has been getting significant interest from a number of Pac-12 schools.

"Right now, I've got Arizona, Memphis, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, and a couple of other schools too," Chatman said. "I had a little bit of interest from UCLA, and I got a couple of letters from USC, but not too much from either school."

The schools putting in the most work with Chatman right now are Arizona and Washington. The Dawgs have a familial connection with Chatman, because his godfather is Jim Shaw, an assistant coach there. Chatman says that Oregon and Oregon State, both of the home state schools, are also on him pretty consistently.

In terms of offers, Chatman is listed as having many, but he only counts two as absolutely for sure because they're the only ones who have made it totally clear that he's offered.

"Arizona and Memphis, those are the two I'm definitely sure of, because they've told me," Chatman said.

Others listed as having offered Chatman include the Oregon schools, the Washington schools, Arizona State, and California.

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